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Saturday, October 20, 2007

Book Review - Armageddon's Children

I love to read, although I sometimes find it difficult to find time to sit down & read. My reading time is usually after everyone has gone to bed. I often find myself reading well into the night if the book is good & this one was! - I love all kinds of books but I do enjoy a good FANTASY story & Terry Brooks is by far one of the BEST fantasy writers out there.

I just finished reading Armageddon's Children and was captivated from page one. Mr. Brooks writes his stories in "sequels" most of the time so if you want to follow the story plot of this book you will first need to read the following 3 books in this order:

Running With The Demon, A Knight of the Word & Angel Fire East. All of these books deal with the basic struggle of "Good vs. Evil" and weave in a fantasy world of magical creatures that will capture your attention and leave you anticipating the next book in the series.

I just started the sequel to Armageddon's Children last night (Genesis of Shannara - The Elves of Cintra) and can't wait to spend some time delving into what I'm sure promises to be an exciting and thrilling adventure.