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Friday, September 10, 2021

Feline Friday - September 10, 2021

 First off I want to thank everyone who sent us such comforting and kind words on the loss of our sweet, Captain Cuddle this past weekend. - It was so hard to let him go but the "humane" thing to do considering the condition he had and the grim outlook of him ever recovering from it.

So today I'm joining Sandee (Comedy Plus) for FELINE FRIDAY
It's been a day of cats around here for sure.
First this morning we found this kitty hanging around our house.  It was one we'd never seen before & seemed to be friendly.  We ended up catching him and putting him in a carrier then calling animal control.

Turns out that he was apparently a (feral cat) at one time and had been neutered and had his ear clipped and then released.  So we had no choice but to just let him out of the carrier and hope that he doesn't get hit by cars or beaten up by other cats.  
Next up it's someone's "Gottcha Day" here.
Yes it's been 5 years (so hard to believe) since Caramel arrived and joined our family.
She was the tiniest little fur ball and oh so cute.

Now she's grown into a gorgeous and rather large fur baby.  We love her to pieces and hope to have many more years with her.
 Next up.....

We would like to introduce you to the newest member of our family,

 This is Rowdy Rawhide (we will just call him Rowdy) but we like to give them middle names.  My daughter picked out the name, Rowdy and Mike use to watch the show Rawhide and the character that Clint Eastwood played was named, Rowdy Yates so we decided that Rawhide would be his middle name.

He is fitting right in with all the other cats now & I'll be sharing many more photos of him in the coming days.


Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Back to School 2021

 As is tradition around here I took Coleen's back to school shots this morning. - It's hard to believe she is a Junior in High School now.

Here is another tradition...Side by Side comparison from last year.

The first one was her joke outfit since it was "distance learning last year to start with.  Then she put on some regular clothes for the middle shot and finally the shot on the right is what she wore to school this morning.

Off to the bowling alley now for the first day of league.  Thanks for stopping by.

Monday, September 6, 2021

Crossing the Rainbow Bridge - An Unexpected and sad Day

 Yesterday - September 5, 2021 began pretty much like any other typical day. - The cats were fed in the morning and had spent a little time sleeping in the bedroom before they were let out shortly before noon.

That's when things went south in a hurry. - I happened to be walking by the bathroom when I noticed a couple of our cats in there and heard the horrible sound of one of them in distress.  I found our sweet, Captain Cuddles on the floor with what appeared to be really bad constipation pains. - I quickly called Mike in to help me and we noticed that he seemed in unbearable pain and could not stand up on his back legs. - Being that there are no, "on-call" Vets in town on the weekends we knew we had to do something to get him in to a Veterinarian as soon as possible.  We called a near by Clinic (about 17 miles away) that often will take emergency calls on weekends and after about an hour of waiting they finally got back to us and told us to bring him in right away.  The Vet did not sound very optimistic about the outcome after I described his symptoms.  But we hoped for the best and prepared for the worst.

Upon arrival she explained the he had something called,  Saddle Trombus  - The prognosis was not good and in the end we opted to, euthanize him as he was in tremendous pain and the likely hood that he could survive this was extremely slim.- So with heavy hearts & lots of tears we said our good-byes to our sweet, Captain Cuddles.
This was the first photo we took of him when we rescued him back in November of 2009. He had wandered into the neighborhood and was being mistreated by some kids when I brought him into the house.  We had decided to find his owners since he was wearing a collar until I noticed that he had fleas & ear mites both and figured they didn't deserve to have him if they weren't going to take care of him.
He was a gentle and loving cat so we named him, Cuddles, which quickly became, Captain Cuddles and we finally added on to that so that he became, Captain Cuddles, Defender of the Universe!
He was loved by everyone who came into the house because of his sweet and loving nature.  Here are shots of Mike & I with him.


 Coleen loved him as well. He went through a lot with her.  One time he came into the room and he was all wet.  I asked her what had happened and she said,  "I baptized him! "  I ask her where & she said, "In the toilet!"  Another time she cut his whiskers off, he got locked in her toy box, and she had a private ceremony (we weren't invited so no pictures) where she married him.
Here are shots of them together when both we much younger.

 He loved sleeping and was often either on the couch, in a window, on the desk in my office, on the bed are some of his strange sleeping positions.

 He got along with all the different cats over the years.  I tried to find pictures of him with all of them but couldn't find one with him and our newest cat (Gidget) but here are a few of him with the others.

 From L-R - Cuddles & Harley, Cuddles & Pepper, Cuddles and Callie-Jo, Cuddles and Spooky Boo.
Cuddles and Bandit asleep in Mike's Guitar Case

 Harley, Cuddles & Spooky Boo
Cuddles being stalked by a giant ant.

Cuddles enjoying a box of newspaper.
Side Profile
Asleep on the Wi-Fi box in my office.


Sleeping on the laundry basket.

                                                               DEFENDING THE UNIVERSE!

This is the last photo I ever took of him.  I had no idea he would be gone so soon after this photo was taken.

 Finally one of our favorite photos of his sweet face:

                               Nov. 2009 - September 2021.

We will so miss him.  He loved to run and jump up in my arms, try to escape out the back door, head bonk us, purr, and so much more.  You left us far to soon.
Rest in Peace Sweet Cuddles.

Nov. 2009 - September 2021.

Friday, September 3, 2021

Willy Nilly Friday Five

 Joining Tom (The backroads traveller) for WILLY NILLY FRIDAY FIVE
 1.  I have (no clue) what type of a plant this is.  Saw it in the garden at the grade school and liked the shape of the pods.

2.  Peeling tree bark.  I always think this looks really cool.
3.  Just a cheery little sunflower to brighten your day.

4. Met this little cutie while out on a walk.  I ask his owner if I could take his picture and he said, sure.  His name....Crusher!

5.  Birthday girl enjoying her cake
6. Bonus Shot: Watusi cattle
 Leaving you with a video of a song that speaks volume.  It isn't your Political Views or your Social Platforms that matter.  How will you choose to be remembered? Nothing else matters.

Just in case the video doesn't play for you here are the lyrics.
Trouble, we have known trouble
In our struggle just to get by
Many times the burden's been heavy
Still we carried on side by side
And when we're gone, long gone
The only thing that will have mattered
Is the love that we shared
And the way that we cared
When we're gone, long gone
And when we're walking together in glory
Hand in hand through eternity
It's the love that will be remembered
Not wealth, not poverty
And when we're gone, long gone
The only thing that will have mattered
Is the love that we've shared
And the way that we cared
When we're gone, long gone
When we're gone, long gone
The only thing that will have mattered
Is the love that we shared
And the way that we cared
When we're gone, long gone

Wednesday, September 1, 2021

Worldless Wednesday - Cutness Overload



Wow I can't believe it's been over a month since I've last posted here.  - Summer has gone by quickly.
So has this year. - Today I'm joining Wordless Wednesday
Someone in my family turned 1 today. - Happy Birthday Joelle.