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Thursday, August 25, 2016

Good Fences #127 - Why did the Turkey Cross the Field?

Welcome! - It's time for some GOOD FENCES hosted by Theresa from the Run-a-round Ranch Report.

Back in April I posted some deer that we had spotted in a farmers field. (See this post) - We also happened to spot something else in the field.  They were quite far off but we were able to determine as they got closer that they were wild turkeys.

This one I cropped so you could see them better.

What's weird about these shots is it looks like I'm standing on a mountain looking down on them.  It was actually just a small hill looking down onto the farmers field below.

This is my favorite shot of them.  You can see the fence line and the road and the turkeys.

Hope you've enjoyed these fences and turkeys today. - Have a great day.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Seasons - Back To School

Joining Jesh for SEASONS today.

It's:  Back To School Season around here.

Today was the 1st Day of School and so it's time for me to share the annual back to school photos of Coleen.

She started Middle School today (6th Grade) and this is the Shirt that the new students received the other day at their Orientation.

 This is the outfit she chose to wear for the first day of school.

She was excited about going to school today. - Yesterday the poor girl had a stomach ache and was sick most of the morning but started feeling better in the afternoon.  Thank goodness because I would have hated for her to miss the first day of school.

As is a "tradition" of mine I like to show (side by side) comparison shots from the previous school year to the current one.

Wow there is a huge change this year.
Finally a shot of her mom getting ready to drive her to school.  Grandma will do the school pick-up this afternoon.

Hard to believe that summer is now over atleast as far as being out of school.  It's still fairly warm here with temps in the 80-90's so we've got summer weather for awhile yet.

Have a great day & don't forget to stop by Jesh's blog and check out the other participants for Seasons.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

Good Fences #126 - A "Friendly" Fence

Welcome! - First I want to thank everyone for your kind thoughts and prayers for our kitty, Snickers.  She is doing somewhat better but not 100% - We are thankful it wasn't her kidneys but the UTI is hard on her and she spends most of her time sleeping in our closest.  Continued prayers for her healing would be appreciated.  At her age it's going to be awhile before she is better.  We think too she may have had a stroke and recovery on that can take months.

So let's join Theresa (The Run-a-round Ranch Report) for GOOD FENCES.

 Today's fence was found at our local YWCA - Click to enlarge photos.

Turns out this is a Day-Care Center. -  I think it has a very nice looking fence to keep the kids safe.

Have a great day & thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Good Fences #125 - Twin Sisters Fences

Welcome! - It's time to join Theresa (The Run-a-round Ranch Report) for:

In yesterday's post  I showed you photos of the Twin Sister's Rock formation and promised to share some fence shots today so without further ado here they are:

The grass was very "dry" in the area as you can see from this shot.

The barbed wire fencing in this shot beminds me of "patchwork" quilt with the way it's bent into different shapes.  Notice the wild Sunflowers blooming in the background.

Finally a close up of the fence post.

This fence was very "rustic" but I liked it.  I hope you do as well.

Please if you are a "praying" person say one for me today as I take our old cat, Snickers to the Vet this morning.  She's been having some issues the last few days and we aren't sure exactly what the outcome will be.  At 16 1/2 we know her time is limited but I'm just not ready yet to say good-bye to her. 

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Seasons - Summer is passing quickly

Oh my summer is going by oh so fast! - School starts in 2 short weeks.  I'm not ready!

So today I'm joining Jesh for SEASONS

Last week while my hubby and Coleen were on their trip to S. Dakota I took a day trip with my mom back to McNary Dam to see if we could see any Salmon in the viewing room.

Once again not much was going through although this time we did see a few more smaller fish like (Chad, Bass) and we also saw....

A Lamprey Eel - They are kind of "creepy" looking but also fascinating.  Two little boys that were in the viewing room were quite excited about seeing the eel.

We stay about an hour hoping to see at least 1 Salmon - We saw one but it went by so quickly I didn't get a photo.  Plus there were a couple of Steelhead that also went through far to quickly to get a picture.


Hooray I was able to get a picture of this Salmon before it went through the viewing window.

Next month the Salmon Run will start and we'll go back again to see if we can watch more than just one salmon go through the viewing room.

On the way home I decided to pull over at a road side attraction.

This rock formation is known as the Two Sisters.  I had the wrong lenses on my camera so this view is very close up to the rocks and I was standing across the busy highway as far back as I could get in order to fit both the rock formations into view.

So how did they get the name, Two Sisters.....

 Pretty cool story!

Come back tomorrow for a view of the fences in the area.

I've got a friend visiting today from Spokane, WA so may not be getting around to visiting blogs until the weekend.

Take care & have a great day.

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Good Fences #124 - Rusty Beauty

Welcome! - It's been a (rough) week here so I haven't had much time to visit blogs or post. 

Hopefully next week will be better.

Today I'm joining in on the fun of GOOD FENCES hosted by Theresa from (The Run-a-round Ranch Report).

One day a while back Coleen and I went out for a walk and we spotted this fence in someone's yard.  The yard was very overgrown so you really couldn't see a lot of the fence but what we did see was rather interesting.

Look at all that rust, it's really cool looking.

Zooming in for a closer view....

Finally a really close-up view of those (pinecone or pineapple) details at the top of the post.  I couldn't decide which one they reminded me of the most.

I may try to find this fence again and see if I can get some different views of it as it's quite intriguing.

Hope you have enjoyed seeing this rusty beauty.

   I'll try to get by your blogs this week.  - With my hubby and Granddaughter being gone all this past week I've had a lot on my plate.  Taking care of my mom isn't always easy with her "memory issues" now.  She gets confused easily & it's been hard on her having Coleen and Mike gone for so long.

I'll eventually get around to your blogs though.  - Have a great day!