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Friday, January 22, 2010

Birthdays Abound

Welcome back...I know it's really me that's finally back posting in 2010.  I took a bit of an absence during the holidays as life was so crazy and then I started the New Year off being sick (bad case of Bronchitis) so I didn't feel much like blogging.  Anyway I'm sharing some birthday photo's this week.

My mom celebrated her 81st birthday on Monday (18th) and I invited the family over for dinner.  I prepared Lasagna (doesn't that look yummy!)  It really is and what's great about this recipe is that you don't precook the noodles!

You can see by this next photo that everyone seemed to be enjoying the food.

It was a really fun evening and I think everyone had a good time.  At least these people did!  That's my mom (Marian) on the chair laughing.  My brother Rich is in the background along with hubby, Mike.  Coleen and Andrew (My great-nephew) are also in the picture.

One party down and one to go!  Tuesday was Coleen's birthday.  Can you believe she's 5 years old already!  Where has time gone.

Since we had cake left over from the night before we just used that cake and her mom bought her the Smiley Cookie as well.  We're throwing her a "kids" party on Saturday so she'll have a cake for that party.                    
Here she is holding up one of her presents, a new Jean dress. She really is a "clothes hound" and a bit of a "ham" anymore where you try to take her pictures.

I'll be back again soon sharing more photo's - Maybe even some LATE Christmas and New Years pictures.

Have a great day!