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Tuesday, June 18, 2024

Ducky Derby 2024

 Here today to share this year's Ducky Derby photos with you.

Sadly they did not race down the creek like normal.  - Instead they just dumped them out of the dump truck down what looked like a slip-n-slide with some water and then picked the winners out. The water level was to low for them to float down properly.

Worse yet was that we missed them even dumping the ducks. Normally they don't hold the race until around 1:00 or 2:00.  Apparently I did read the post that said they would be doing the dump at 12:00 noon. - So by the time we got there they we all out of the truck and it was hard to get any pictures. 

Part of the pile of ducks that were dumped.  That's the only picture I took of the ducks this year.

The remainder of my pictures were of Jojo and Jupiter doing some of the activities that were available to do.

  Petting some bunnies.

Doing a ring toss game.  She was scared at first to try it.  They give all the kids a little prize even if they don't get the ring on the hook.

Sisters in front of the Duck Mascot.

Enjoying the tumbling activities.

Really enjoying the hot dog before we went home!

Didn't win any prizes (again)...people were complaining about that because a few businesses in town buy large quantities of tickets and generally win most of the prizes.  - It goes for a good cause and maybe just maybe you might get lucky and win.

Till next year that's it for this year's Ducky Derby photos. 

Sunday, June 16, 2024

Hot Air Balloons - Nite Glow

 Today I'm sharing the final photos that I took of the Hot Air Balloon Stampede 2024. These were taken at the Nite Glow event.  This was my first time attending this event.

When I first got there this was the only balloon that was inflated.

There were only about 8 or 9 balloon there most of which were spread out on the ground waiting to inflate.  Music was playing and people were everywhere.

I felt a bit lost because I hadn't seen anyone that I knew and I was just sort of wandering around taking pictures.

Finally people I of my nieces had spotted me in the crowd and invited me over to where they were.  In this shot her sister (the one with the purple hair was sitting there with her hubby and nephews.

This is my niece and her family. 

Just to prove I was actually there I had her take my photo as well.

I wanted to include this shot because it was the only photo of the POW.MIA balloon that I got this year.

As the evening went on they inflated the balloons and lit them up.

Finally a fun little video I took of something special they did. Be sure to have your volume on.

Saturday, June 15, 2024

Balloons and More Balloons!

Back with more photos from the Balloon Stampede. Click on Photo to enlarge.

From our front sidewalk we could look down the street and see the balloons as they were rising from the launch site (Tietan Park).

Our house is 2 houses from the Yellow house on the right of this photo.

They were quite low in this shot. 

Framed by the trees.

 This one made me smile as I was able to capture the side of the balloon with the paw prints.

Final edition of the stampede to come tomorrow. - It will feature the Nite Glow.

Friday, June 14, 2024

Balloon Stampede 2024 - Lots of photos

 Welcome! - Life is still going on and the work on the house is still in progress.  The bathroom is almost totally completed, flooring is up in the living, dining and kitchen.  Still have to paint and do the floors in the bedroom. - Lots of changes but it's all looking great.

So I finally got around to editing a few photos (well more than a few) from the annual Hot Air Balloon stampede.  This year is was moved back to the Mother's Day weekend date.  They had great weather the first couple of days so I managed to get a bunch of pictures.

Here are some from Day 1 and 2 of the event.  I didn't actually go out to where they were launched from.  These were all taken from our house as the balloons floated over our home.

I almost missed getting a picture of the rocket balloon as I wasn't up in time to know that the balloons hard started going up already.

The balloon with the fruit/apples on the side is one of my favorites, you'll see it again later on.

This one is another of my favorite balloons to see.

I think I'll stop here and come back tomorrow with more balloons photos to share.