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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Monday, September 28, 2015

One Four Challenge - Week 4


It's hard to believe but we are at Week 4 now on the ONE FOUR CHALLENGE  hosted by Robyn from (Captivate Me)

Here is my final edit and following that will be the other three edits in descending order and my starting photo.

Please click to enlarge images.

Week 4

(Here is the image of the fawn.  I cropped it and then layered it with the image of the doe and did the cloning to get rid of all the brush and shrubs that I didn't want in the photo.)

For this edit I too the original image and worked on it by using the Orton effect on Pic Monkey.  Then I took another image of the fawn that I also saw that day and tried my best to layer that image into the one of the doe.  I used the Cloning tool to get out most of the unwanted stuff and moved the fawn around to where it looked halfway decent in the photo.  Granted it's not quite perfect by any means as there are parts of the branches on the fawn that I couldn't seem to edit out properly but I do think it looks pretty neat in spite of that.

After that I went to Be Funky and added a decorative photo frame to the image.

Week 3
Week 2
The Original Image SOOC 
This was a fun challenge and again I wish I had some of the photo editing programs like (Photo Shop, Lightroom, etc....) but I think that I still learned a lot just using the Free programs available for photo editing.

I hope you have enjoyed this series.

Friday, September 25, 2015

Friday Fun - September 25, 2015

Happy Friday!

It's time for some random Friday thoughts - (aka)
WILLY-NILLY FRIDAY FIVE  hosted by Tanya from Around Roanoke.


1. One of my favorite things in fall is when the stores get those really nifty looking decorative gourds in stock.  I was out at Klicker's store the other day and lookie what I found:

Aren't they colorful and fun! - These probably aren't the type of gourds that you could use for Gourd Art but check out this link to see what fantastic things people do with Gourds.  Talk about talented.

2.  Last night was the Carnival for the kids at the school Coleen attends.  One of her favorite things to do is to try and "dunk" her teachers in the Dunk Tank.  I just love watching the expressions on her face as she prepares to throw the ball.

Unfortunately this year she didn't hit the target once to dunk anyone but she still had fun trying.

3.  We stopped at our city park the other day to take some pictures and I just loved how pretty these flowers were.  It's still good to see flowers blooming even though we are heading into Fall now.

4. Coleen and I stopped at the library last week to check out some books.  Outside the library they have a couple of murals painted on some buildings.  We really liked this one.

One of the books I checked out was: Murder Simply Brewed by Vannetta Chapman. - It's a good, clean murder mystery that I'm really enjoying.

5.  So have you ever ordered Pizza On-Line? - I have and yes I've actually had some problems with ordering it that way.  Anyway this commercial is for Little Ceasers Pizza and cracks me up because it reminds me of our house even though we don't have "that" many cats.

Joining Steve with FELINE FRIDAY as well.


Of course you I can't end the day without sharing a cat photo so here's one for your enjoyment.

Bandit and Pepper taking a snooze together.  Look how they are draped off of the chair.  You'd think their necks would be sore from laying that way but they don't seem to have a care in the world.

So here's the "artistic" version for FELINE ART:

I haven't participated in awhile with Hilary for FOLLOW FRIDAY FOR FILL-IN FUN so I thought I'd join in today.

Here are the statements:

The statements:
  1. Birthdays are ______________________
  2. I am ___________, but I wish I was _________.
  3. ____ is my favorite ______.
  4. ________ is the best brand of __________.

Here are my answers:
1.  Birthdays are going by to quickly anymore.  The older you get the faster they seem to come.
2.  I am rushed lately, but I wish I was able to be more relaxed.
3.  Bridge Over Troubled Water is my favorite song of all time.
4. Celestial Seasonings is the best brand of Herbal Teas.
That's if for this week.  Hope you've enjoyed your stay here.  Have a great weekend.

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Good Fences #79 - Sunflower Delight


Welcome! - It's time for GOOD FENCES hosted by Theresa (The Run-a-round Ranch Report).

While out on a walk one morning I spotted these lovely sunflowers and the weathered fence they were growing near & through.  I just had to get pictures for Good Fences to share.  I hope you enjoy them.

 I'm not sure what they had growing by the shed that required those strings you see but who cares when you have pretty sunflowers to look at.

 I love that one growing through the fence. - I thought I'd show a crop of it from the other direction.

Finally a view looking up at the sunflowers over the fence.

Don't forget to check out the other great fences by visiting Theresa's blog.

Have a "sunny sunflower" day.

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Black and White Wednesday - The Ride of Your Life

Hello & Welcome!

I'm joining Adrienne (My Memory Art) today for Black & White Wednesdays.

 Life is just a never ending carnival ride. - Ups, Downs, Twists and Turns,

 You'll never know if it is going to come to a Stop or if the Ride has just begun.; so buckle your seat belt

 because you're about to take the ride of your life!

I found that quote this morning and thought it fit these pictures perfectly.  And life really is like a carnival ride at times. 

Below are the same photos in color for those who like to see the originals.

Click to enlarge photos.

It's been a "carnival ride" type of week here so I'm a bit behind with catching up on your blogs.  Be patient, I'll get there eventually. 

Monday, September 21, 2015

One Four Challenge - Week 3

Happy Monday!

It's time once again to share my latest edit for:  The One Four Challenge.  This challenge is hosted by Robyn (Captivate Me) blog.

The challenge is to take 1 photo and each week for 4 weeks do a different edit of the same photo.

Here is my Week3 Edit:

For this edit I decided to crop the image to show the deer up closer, then I converted the image to Black and White, Did some adjusting of the color & temperature of the photo and added a frame.  All editing was done on Pic Monkey. 

Here are Wk. 1 & Wk. 2 edits just to refresh your memory of the different editing.

Click to enlarge all images.

You'll find the other participants entries in the "Comment" section on the Captivate Me blog.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Photo Challenge #78 and Saturday Art

I found this new meme the other day where you are giving a "prompt" to interpret and write about or do an artistic interpretation of the piece.  So I decided to join in on the fun. - I'm combining this with another meme as well.

Be sure to Click to Enlarge all Photos.

Mindlovesmisery's Menagerie - Photo Challenge #78

This was the photo prompt:

                                              - Rebeca Cygnus

Also joining : s~A(R)T~urday
Here is my art piece and I also decided to so some writing interpretation as well.  Normally I don't try writing because I just don't feel that I'm all that creative as a write.  So let me know what you think about both the writing and the photo interpretation of the prompt.

In her mind she saw the world through colored filters allowing her to be creative without being judged by those whose vision wasn’t the same as hers.

She breathed a sigh of relief and looked in wonder at what was before her.  It was Magical, moving, breathing; giving hope to those in need.

 She felt a peace wafting gently on a breeze as it swelled within her heart.  She closed her eyes and let her thoughts drift away as she fell asleep knowing all was right within her world.

For those interested the above piece was created with a composite of the 3 photos below. - I edited the Photo on Pic Monkey to clone out all the people and such in the first photo.  Layered the Dragonfly and went to Be Funky to do some editing.  Back to Pic Monkey where I added a cropped version of Coleen blowing snow and did some final edits. 

Friday, September 18, 2015

Six Word Fridays and Willy Nilly Friday Five.

Memes I'm joining today: Six Word Fridays, Willy Nilly Friday Five,

 This first set is both part of (SIX WORD FRIDAYS and WILLY NILLY FRIDAY FIVE)

1.  Fall is one of my favorite seasons and it's just around the corner.  In fact there have already been signs of it showing up with cooler temperatures and the changing colors of the leaves. - This weeks theme word for Six Word Fridays was:  Red

     Red glowing brightly against Autumn skies.

Catching my breath, Making me sigh.


Summer’s soon over, Autumn beauty begins.

2.  We took a short day trip on Saturday last weekend and visited the Tamastslikt Cultural Center.  Sadly they would not allow photography inside the museum but I did get this picture of some Indians inside the lobby.

                 Grandpa and Coleen hamming it up for the camera.

3.  As we were heading back home we happened to spot something really unusual on the side of the road so hubby turned around and drove back so I could photograph it.

                              A "Shoe Tree" - How many pairs do you see?

4.  Hubby likes to read the arrest reports and such in the paper.  He found this listed in the Police Reports:

"Patio chair seat cushions, packages of cigarettes and several pieces of barbecue chicken were stolen from the 500 block of Edith street on Tuesday."

That must have been a hungry thief!  Funnier yet is who reports stolen pieces of chicken!

 Our neighbors chickens, Bella (L) and Blondie (R) eating seeds & grain in our driveway.

5.  We spotted this lovely little fountain in Weston, OR and I had to take a picture of it.  This is only the top portion but I like how the shot turned out.

Finally an update on Ghost.  He started limping on his paw again a couple of days ago so yesterday we had an appointment for him to see the Vet about his paw.  We made sure to tell them that we were "claiming ownership of Ghost" and that the neighbor had been informed of that. 

They couldn't find anything wrong with his paw other then he had been in a cat fight and he might have a bit of arthritis in his joints. - We had him updated on all his shots, he got medication for tape worms and he's now been neutered!  He's in our basement for a few days while he heals and not happy about it but it's whats best for him.  He's doing great though and while it cost us quite a bit for all that work we feel we did the right thing by him.
This shot was taken of Ghost about a week ago playing with a toy that I have where you shoot that orange disk into the air.

That's it for this week. - Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.