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Sunday, May 3, 2020

Rest in Peace Mom

This post is so hard to write.  I'll do a better job at a later date.  

Heaven gain a new soul last Sunday, April 26th.  My mom passed away late Sunday afternoon.  She was 91 years old.

I love and miss her tremendously but right now it's just hard to talk about.

   This is my favorite picture of the two of use together.  It was taken several years ago but she was actually smiling.  Mom hated having her picture taken so it was hard sometimes to get a good one of her smiling.

The flowers from the grave. The lilacs were from her own tree as this was one of her favorite flowering trees.

 May Day flowers. The first year I haven't given them to her in person since I was in the first grade. 

 We didn't have a service because of the restrictions on funerals right now.  At a later day we are having a Celebration of Life service when more people can attend. 

Again at a later date I'll do a better job with a memorial tribute to her.  

You are loved and missed mom.