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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday - March 31, 2013


It's time to join in on the Hunt, You know the one...Scavenger Hunt Sunday!!

This weeks prompts were:  Water, Empty, Fresh, Weathered, Ordinary.  With an option to share an Easter photo in place of one of the prompts.
 I'll be presenting mine slightly out of order this week.


It rained earlier this week and I caught these "water" droplets on some of my tulips.  Don't they look lovely?


Ah Fresh pizza straight from the delivery box...Yum!

I've been wanting to use this photo for awhile now.  Yes this is an (archive) photo but hey why go take another picture of the same thing when I already had a perfectly good one to use. There is an old run down house for sale a block or so away from us.  This is the garage and on the side of it is this Fish.  Don't ask me why as I have no clue.  The fish itself is concrete.  I love the weathered look of the peeling paint.


An "Ordinary" bee enjoying the lovely spring weather today.  It got up to 71 here!

EMPTY:  (This also qualifies for an Easter photo).

Thankfully the tomb was "Empty" that Easter morn.  May God's love shine down on you this Easter filling your hearts with everlasting love.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Photo Art Friday - March 29, 2013

Hi!  Welcome and by now you know that it's Friday and time to join in on the awesomeness known as, Photo Art Friday over on Bonnie's blog, Pixel Dust Photo Art.
This week virtual art gallery theme was:  Graffiti.  Now I had big plans to try and be creative with this them but alas time got away from me and it just didn't happen.  I still have a piece it's just not what I had in visioned in my head.

Please click to enlarge for a better view.

One day while I was walking around downtown I spotted these 2 doors on a building and thought they were rather interesting.  Apparently people thought they were to be used for their own personal "Graffiti".  If you look closely in the upper left corner of the left door someone scrawled:  I'm not dead. I was born today.  Act Alone.

I put the two photos side by side (sorry about the angle of the door on the right)  -  These doors were in a really weird place and it was hard to get decent photographs of them.  They are actually both about the color of the one on the right.  I did add Bonnie's texture (Cinnamon) to give them a richer/warmer feel. and also a little of the Urbane effect on Pic Monkey.

Do stop by and check out the gallery on Bonnie's blog.  You won't be disappointed.

Happy Easter to those who celebrate this weekend.

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday - March 24, 2013

To view my Photo Art Friday piece click on the link.

Wow it's been a busy week here.   I celebrated my birthday this week with a trip to the Wildhorse Casino along with my mom & Greta.  We had a great time and while we didn't win a lot of money we came home with pretty much as much money as we left with!  Tuesday was bowling and Wednesday was the birthday.  Lots of fun but little time for picture taking.

This week the Scavenger Hunt Sunday prompts were:
Asian, Wavy, Draw, Soft, and Texture.  So let's get started...


I received this little Asian inspired jewelry box many years ago as a gift and while the pincushion top is a little less cushiony (is that a word) now it's still very pretty.

My first idea was (Lays Wavy Potato chips) but I didn't like the way the photo turned out.  Instead I found these leaves to be rather "wavy" looking.


Coleen loves to draw but what I love is that she draws with her tongue sticking out!


Cricket's got some mighty "soft" ears and doesn't that expression just melt your heart.


Love the color and the texture of Fruity-O's cereal.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Photo Art Friday - March 22, 2013

Hello!  It's time once again for Photo Art Friday where you'll find a virtual gallery of awesomeness over on Bonnie's blog, Pixel Dust Photo Art.  This weeks theme was,
"Self-Portrait"...I must say this is not something I'm generally comfortable doing since I think I take lousy photo's. Bonnie said to have fun with it and after peeking at her blog she certainly had fun with the theme.  I'm afraid I wasn't that inventive. 

Wednesday was my birthday so it's been a busy week for me and I didn't have much time to play around with photos.  I did however use my tri-pod again and took some pictures and I'm happy with the end result.  I think it really shows a big part of who I am as a person.  They don't call me the "Crazy Cat Lady" for nothing you know!

  Here is the original photo:

This is me and my newest cat, Piglet (he lives next door at my mom's house)
I used a technique on BeFunky called, Underpainting on the photo first then went back to Pic Monkey and added the texture and frames.  Pretty simple editing but the result was pleasing.  I hope you like it.

Do stop by and check out the other particpants art work.  Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Irish Coleen

Thought I would share some of the photo's I took of Coleen in honor of St. Patrick's Day last Sunday.  I was pretty happy with how most of the photo's turned out.  These were among my favorites.  I'm trying to work on portrait photo's so if you have any tips on improving things let me know.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday - March 17, 2013


Welcome!  Won't you join me as we go on a little hunt,  Yes, it's time to join in on the fun of Scavenger Hunt Sunday over on Ashley's blog, Ramblings and Photos.

This week in honor of St. Patrick's Day the prompts are:  Lucky, Irish, Daylight, Pot of Gold and Clover.

Now I'm not Irish but I enjoy celebrating the day and the wearin of the Green!


I'm one "Lucky" Grandma to have such a sweet and funny granddaughter.  We had a bit of fun with this photo shoot as you can see.  I must confess to going out and buying some St. Patrick's Day stuff to help with this prompt but then again I love seasonal/holiday clothing so let's just say I (needed) this shirt.

IRISH:  She's not Irish but her name is.  Coleen means "girl" in Gaelic.

                  This reminds me of the song:  When Irish Eyes are Smiling.

DAYLIGHT:  Last week most of the US went back on Daylight savings time.  So now it's dark when I get up and still pretty light out at 7:00 pm.  This shot of some of my daffodils was taken during the last daylight of the day this week.


One of my mom's decorations with his little "pot of gold."  Now if only I could find an actual pot of gold!

CLOVER:  You get 2 for this prompt.  One (archived photo) and one current.

First the archived photo.  I spotted this in the yard last summer and had to take a picture.

Now the current shot.  Again something I just couldn't resist.  It even lights up and blinks when you turn it on. The chick is Coleen's.

That's it for this week. -  Spring arrives on Wednesday and I get another year older.   I may be late in commenting on your blogs as I have a busy week planned.  Have a great week. 

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Photo Art Friday - March 15, 2013

Welcome to Photo Art Friday ! - Here you will find many wonderful pieces of photo art.  Bonnie offered up the "optional" theme of Portrait this week. 

Here are my contributions:  These 1st two pieces are photo portraits of our neighbors cat, Helix.  For this one I used a great texture that I found here:  Lenebem-Anna has lots of very cool looking (Free) textures you can use for your photos. I added the photo frame in Pic Monkey.

Same kitty,  different look and texture:

This one uses a Kim Klassen texture called, Organic.  You can find it here:

Finally a piece that I played around with (a lot).  Do you think it's a bit much?

I started with a photo of Coleen and the Clown at the Kid's Rodeo that the communtiy college put on last week.  Then I added Bonnie's texture: Vintage Vellum and then a layer of a Weave texture from Pic Monkey that resembled Denim jeans.  I added a frame that I found and inverted the color to white and then erased out areas over their faces etc... to get the end result.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday - March 10, 2013

If you are here to view my Photo Art Friday entry click on the link.

Welcome and thanks for joining me for Scavenger Hunt Sunday.  This weeks prompts were:  #5, Word of the Day, Sharing, Wiggle and Cookies.  Some of these were challenging and my interpretations may be streching them a little but here goes...

#5 - I wasn't sure on this one if we had to actually have something with the number 5 in it or just something with 5 objects.  I went with this...

A mother Hen and her 5 little chicks.  These are actually Easter decorations.

WORD OF THE DAY...Cowgirls.  Coleen & I went to the Community College's Cowboy breakfast and kids rodeo this morning and she got her picture taken with the Fair Court.  She calls them the "Cowgirl Princesses."

We also went to the park where I caught this shot of some kids sharing a ride on one of the swings there.

WIGGLE:  Another toughie and a loose interpretation.

Fluffy (the floozy) doing a little wiggle on the driveway for me.


Coleen getting ready to enjoy this cookie treat at Taco Bell.

That's it for this weeks hunt, I hope you have enjoy your stay.  Don't forget to stop by Ashley's blog: Ramblings and Photos to enjoy more hunt photos.

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Photo Art Friday - March 8, 2013

Hello & welcome!  It's time to join me over at Bonnie's blog, Pixel Dust Photo Art
for this weeks edition of Photo Art Friday    The theme this week was Abstract using Bonnie's textures.  She also stated that we could add one of our own images if we wanted to.  I decided that I was going to try and figure out something using Gimp just using her textures first before I added a photo.

I started with a mix of 4 of her textures:

Dreams of Spring was my starting point.

Now I'm going to say that from here on out I have no record of the steps that I took to get to my final result.  I know what textures I used and I can tell you that I fiddled with Inverting the color on some of them, changing the hue/saturation on some and most were layered using Hardlight at various percentages.  I also fiddled with the Artistic Filters but I didn't write down what I did as I went along.  I also added a frame from Pixlr to this piece.
The other textures I used on this 1st piece were:

Never Seen Before:                                                                  Go Figure

and Berry Merry Xmas.

The end result of these four textures and my fiddling....

For my 2nd piece I chose 3 textures:  Blank Page, Dropped Petal, Heart Ache by the Number.

Again I did not write down my steps.  I rotated the Dropped Petal texture.  Used the Blank Page texture twice, rotating once.  Colors were inverted etc...and finally I added an inverted picture of the same grapes that I used last week.  I rescaled the image to fit the textures.

Here is the end result.  This one is my favorite of the two.  Which is yours?

Make sure you stop by Bonnie's and view the other enteries in the Gallery.  Have a great weekend.