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Thursday, May 29, 2014

6 Word Fridays and 5 Random Photos

Happy Friday!  - Remember to Click to Enlarge Photos for better detail.

Joining in with Adrienne (My Memory Art) for SIX WORD FRIDAYS and once again showcasing 5 Random Photos (never seen on my blog) with Quotes I found to go with them.

The word for this week was Move (or in my interpretation, Movement.)

First up for 6 Word Fridays (boy was it hard to find a 6 word quote dealing with Movement) - You'll notice this is the only photo with a 6 word quote but I've also include 6 Word Descriptions for the other photos.

Spotted this cat, running swiftly past
Sunday morning, what a mad dash.

Piercing Green Eyes, Melting one's soul
Thoughts Ever Hidden, Always in control.

Enchanting flowering bush, oh so colorful
Giving Pleasure to all who view.

Artistic Mural, Painted on a Wall,
Sounds of music, I now recall.

Something silly to make you laugh
Carpet Cleaning really can be fun.

(Just a word of explanation on that last photo.  I was spraying carpet cleaning foam to get out some spots and when I looked the spray had formed this silly face.  I just had to take a picture of it.)

Good Fences #10 - Pink Abundance

Hello & Welcome! -  Today I am joining in with Theresa from (The Run-a-Round Ranch Report) for GOOD FENCES. 

I recently took my camera out and about in the neighborhood so that I could photograph some lovely white peony flowers that I had spotted in someone's flower garden.  As I was taking pictures of the flowers in the front I happened to notice they had a fence down the side of their yard.  Look what I found:   
                                             Click to enlarge:

This mass of pink rose blooms was just cascading over the fence.  I couldn't resist taking pictures of them.

Did you notice the hint of purple flowers in the photo above?  Would you like to see more?


 You can still see the fence.  This next shot is pretty much the same but I gave it a bit of a "romantic" feel by softening the photo and using the Orton effect on Pic Monkey.

Finally let's go back up to those rose blooms one last time.

I love all those gorgeous pink blooms resting gently at the top of the fence. 
I hope you enjoyed them as well.

Now I'm off to the Dentist (oh joy!) but I'll be back later to check out all the other great fence entries. 

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Scavenger Hunt Sunday

  Welcome!  -  Gosh I didn't think I was going to participate this week in Scavenger Hunt Sunday and then this morning I got up and went through my photos and decided, "Hey, you can do this."  So without further ado here are my interpretations for this weeks prompts:
(Where I Stand, Pink, Technology, Something New and Favorite Place.)   -  Click to Enlarge Photos

WHERE I STAND:  This was a hard one for me until I remembered the words to one of my favorite Hymns:

PINK:  Found this lovely tree blooming around the block.  It's a type of Dogwood tree.

TECHNOLOGY:  Last week at the Ducky Derby there was someone there with a remote controlled Drone taking pictures of the ducks (rubber ones) floating down the creek in the race.  I caught this picture of it just as it took off.

SOMETHING NEW:  It was "crazy hair" day again at Coleen's school on Friday.  She found a hairstyle she wanted to try out and her mommy did a great job with it.  It's called a "Bun-hawk" which was (NEW) to me since I'd never heard of such a thing.

FAVORITE PLACE:  This spot in our front yard seems to be a "favorite meeting place" for these Mallard Ducks.  I wonder what they were discussing.

That's it for this week.  Be sure to stop by Ashley's blog, (Ramblings and Photos) for this weeks edition of SCAVENGER HUNT SUNDAY.

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Mug Exchange Fun

Recently I participated in a fun event hosted by the delightful Stephanie from, The Enchanted Rose blog.  She hosted a Mug Exchange where you were assigned a partner and got to send them a Mug and whatever else you wanted to send.  It sounded like so much fun so I decided to sign up and boy was I glad that I did.

I was given Gina from (By Lantern Light) as my partner to send to.  I had a lot of fun putting together my package for her.  She has a new blog so I didn't know much about her  when I picked out what to send.  Her blog is very nice so stop by her sweet blog and say hello.

The partner that got my name was none other then Stephanie's mom,  Debbie (She Graces Her Home.)  I was so excited opening her package.  She sent me the most adorable Ladybug Mug ever.  I plan to actually use it as a candy dish because it's just to cute to stick in a cupboard where it can't be seen that much.
Along with the Mug she sent some charming Watermelon Salt & Pepper Shakers. The funny thing is that I actually can't stand (real) watermelon.  It makes me nauseous and sick if I eat it.  My family has to sit down wind of me whenever they eat it and generally that has to be done outdoors because even the scent in the house gags me.  So the perfect watermelon for me were these sweet salt/pepper shakers.
Then there was yummy Cappuccino Coffee Packets and a fabulous Gardening Magazine.

Finally she included a charming and darling apron (made by her daughter, Stephanie).  It's so cute.  The material is red/white checks with a scallop lace border and ladybug details.  You can see it here in the combine package photo below.

We have horrible lighting in our house so I apologize for the not so stellar photos. 

I just love being a part of this and making new blogging friends.  I hope the next time Stephanie hosts one of these events you'll join in on the fun.

Thank you again to Stephanie for hosting and to Debbie for all the wonderful items you sent me.  It was loads of fun.

Friday, May 23, 2014

6 Word Fridays, Some Random Photos and Orange You Glad It's Friday.

 Hello and Happy Friday!  Today I'm joining Adrienne (My Memory Art) for Six Word Fridays and also Maria (Life's Sweet and Spices) for Orange You Glad It's Friday.

Then I'll be sharing some Random 5 Photos that have never appeared on my blog along with quotes that I found to go with them. 

Enjoy.  -  The word this week for 6 Word Fridays was,  Memory.  Here is my interpretation.

Click to Enlarge All Photos.

Now for those Random Photos & Quotes:

Coleen enjoying pretending she's a bull-rider on the park statue.
The large duck advertising the Ducky Derby.  It sits on top of the bank.  I took this shot through some trees at a parking lot about a block two blocks away from the bank.
Part of a mural painted on the back of a building that we spotted one day while out and about.  I'll share more of the mural sometime in the future.
Just some neat looking hanging seed pods on a tree I spotted one morning walking Coleen to school.
The neighbors cat, Eric enjoying the morning sunshine.  Time not wasted indeed.
Have a safe & happy Memorial Day Weekend to those in the US and to everyone else just have a great weekend as well.

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Good Fences #9

Welcome! - Today I'm joining in with Theresa from,
(The Run-a-Round Ranch Report) for GOOD FENCES.

Before I get started with today's entry I want to let everyone know who commented last week on the Wrought Iron fence that the fence was actually "Black" but the lighting cast a bluish tint to the fence.  Many of you thought the fence was actually blue so I wanted to clear that up.

Today I am sharing a unique fence that borders an equally unique building here in town.   It's an 1893 Queen Anne Victorian home called Sharpstein Manor and is now used as a home and also has several studio apartments as well. 
Click to Enlarge Photos

What I love about this fence is the unusual "spider web" design of the iron.

The caretaker of the building does an awesome job of planting flowers in the beds on the grounds and around the fence.


For many years the house was decorated with tons of lights/decorations for holidays like Halloween and Christmas.  In recent years though it became to much for the caretaker to do on his own so the last few years there have been no Christmas lights up which is really sad as it was very beautiful to see.  You can visit this link to see pictures of the Christmas Lights.

Along with the cool spider web feature of the fence there are other great details such as the lion crest and fleur-de-lis decorations on top the brick columns.

My favorite feature though are the two Cherubs that border the entryway onto the grounds.

 Here is a close up on one of them. - Aren't they charming.

I just had to show a picture of part of the manor as it has some pretty fancy scroll work and railings as well.  This wing of the house was added in 1938.
This photo was taken in October of last year.  All other photos were taken this month.

I don't have a full view of the manor but found this photo of it and wanted to share it as well.

Please click on the link to view the photo.  You won't be disappointed.

I hope you've enjoyed these fence shots.  Don't forget to stop by Theresa's blog and check out all the other great fences.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Well that's just "ducky!"

Hello!  Just popping in today to share more Ducky Derby shots:

Release the Ducks!!!

 And we're off and swimming...or rather floating.

That's a lot of ducks.

We're in no big hurry here.  Gently floating down the stream...

Splish, Splash they were taking a bath....

 More of the masses as they head towards the finish line.

Look out for turbulence!

The duck catchers await at the finish line.

 Here they come.

 The front runner.

And winner!!!

Even though my ducks didn't win any of the prizes (rats!)  it was still a lot of fun to watch and I've seen this race for several years now but it's still an enjoyable event.  Perhaps next year my ducks will win.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Hi! -  If you are here to view my Scavenger Hunt Sunday photo's please click on the link to be directed to that post.

I'm joining in on SONG-OGRAPHY this week as well.  Hosted by Kathy from (You'll Shoot Your Eye Out).  The song this week is:  Upside Down by Jack Johnson.

Here is my take:

Lately this is how I've been feeling.  Like I'm spinning round and round, upside down.  Life gets so busy sometimes you barely have time to breath but in the end it all seems to work out and then you wonder what all the fuss was about.

Photo taken at the Ducky Derby.  For another shot from the derby be sure to check out my Scavenger Hunt Sunday entry.