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Saturday, September 30, 2023

Tractor Fun

 My niece's husband, Daniel works on tractors and offered to give JoJo a ride in one.  She's fascinated by big trucks, farm equipment etc...
                              Here he comes with the tractor.

 Helping Jojo up inside - She started getting scared at that moment.

 A few tears were shed but mommy got in with her and that helped.

                      Now the smiles are starting to show.

                   Off they went for a little drive around the lot.


She got to steer the tractor and you can see she's having a good time.

Oh I am now.  Yes I went for a ride as well.  It was fun.

                  Being "Goofy" after the rides were over.
                Comparing the size of the kid to the size of the tire.

Thursday, September 14, 2023

Signs of Autumn

 Summer is rapidly winding down...only 8 days left until Autumn begins.

It's one of my favorite seasons and last week I took a walk and discovered a few early signs of Autumn.

A few of the leaves changing on this tree already.

On the way to the store I spotted this tree and had to get some pictures of it.

Those bright red leaves really stand out.

Around the block from us I spotted a trio of pumpkins growing in a neighbors yard.

Also on the same walk...some berries from a Dogwood tree.  I just looked this up, It's called a Chinese Dogwood and apparently the fruit is edible.  I may have to walk back around the block and eat one. -Edited to add:  Well I walked around the block again and found a couple of the fruits still on the tree.  Picked them, washed them, cut them open and ate a small amount of the flesh.  - Opinion, taste a bit sweet but texture is mushy, too many seeds which you aren't supposed to eat and well just not worth it in my opinion.


Thanks for stopping by.  - I hope you have enjoyed your visit.

Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Birthday Celebration #3

Hello  - Remember me? - Yes I seem to have a hard time finding time to post here even though I have a bunch of stuff I could post about.
So today we are doing a post to celebrate (Red's) aka JoJo or Joelle's 3rd birthday.
                          The birthday girl and her balloons.
                          Telling everyone how old she is.
 They gave her a birthday crown at Day Care so she had to wear it.

  Posing next to her presents.  She likes to say, "Cheese" before a   picture gets taken.
                         Opening up one of her presents.
                  Blowing out the candles on her cake.
                  Enjoying that cake and her birthday.
Funniest thing that happened...On her very last present she opened it was wrapped in a box.  After she tore the paper off she held it up and very excitedly said,   "I got a box!" -  Everyone laughed and then we told her she had to open the box to see what was inside.  Pulls out a pair of pants,  say, "Pants" tosses them on the ground and then pulls out a sweatshirt with a Butterfly on it and gets all excited again,  "I got a butterfly!".  Kids are so funny.