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Thursday, March 11, 2010

What's New

Spring is almost here!  The daffodils are blooming right now and it's always a pleasure to see their bright sunny yellow blooms even on a gloomy day.       Bought my mom a Primrose (the one on the left) and she bought 4 more so I thought I share this photo as well since they are so pretty and colorful.

We leave cat food out at night on my mom's porch for any hungry kitties that might be in the neighborhood and it seems there are quite a few.  Not only that but there appears to be a hungry raccoon as well.  This one was happily munching away on the food the other night till we scared him off.  He ran up this tree in my mom's yard and I snapped his picture.  We'd rather he didn't visit but I guess they have to eat too.

Not much going on really other then the daily grind.  Getting ready to rap up the Bowling League and then have surgery on my left hand (Carpal Tunnel) the 8th of April.  The weather is turning a bit nicer although this week it's been COLD and we thought we might get snow (the mountains did) but thankfully we haven't.  Expecting rain later & by the time my birthday rolls around on the 1st Day of Spring I'm hoping it's back to sunny skies again.
 Got my hair cut short a few weeks ago.  Most people like it and I'm happy with it so the cut was a success.
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