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Friday, February 28, 2014

Random 5 Friday

Happy Friday!

It's time to join in on the fun of RANDOM 5 FRIDAY  hosted by Nancy from (A Rural Journal).  Every Friday you can post 5 Random thoughts about whatever you want.  It's loads of fun so be sure to stop by and check out the randomness.

1.  Look who showed back up! -  This guy hung out in the tree or on the shed by our feeder for better then half the day.  I wonder if he ever got something to eat.

2.  The dentist finally called late Wednesday night (exactly 2 weeks after my appointment) with the test results.  What's weird is that he didn't say I have "good news" for you.  Instead he tells me the results say I have a...
Pyogenic Granuloma on my gums.  Also commonly referred to as a Pregnancy Tumor.  WHAT????? - So I ask is it cancerous.  He said no, they are generally benign and can be treated.  Long story short, I have to go back next week for another evaluation to see if he should cut out any more of the spot.  I'm just relieved it wasn't the (C) word.

3.  What's up with the weather.  Check this out...
      Forecast for Walla Walla, WA
  • 44° 20° -7° Today
  • 20° 17° -7° -8° Tomorrow
  • 33° 30° -1° Sunday
  • 46° 32° Monday
  • 52° 41° 11° Tuesday   
It's supposed to get up to 44 today and then only 20 tomorrow...huh?  I want SPRING!!!
                                                  "Let's play get that tail."
4.  This "Bachelor" season has been one of the worst ever.  First Juan Pablo does nothing for me at all.  Can't understand why the women think he's so sexy.  To each their own I guess.  Second, his accent makes understanding him nearly impossible.  Third....he's way to into himself (jmho) but apparently some of the women on the show feel the same way.  Yes, it's a dumb show but call me a hopeless romantic as I always root for them to actually fall in love.
5.  Men are strange...Hubby got a new laptop but has no clue how to use the thing and expects me to show him.  Well the laptop is way different from my computer and let's just say we've had a few tense moments since he got it trying to show him how to maneuver around the darn thing.  You've got to love him though especially when he does this...
     That's it for this week.  I hope you've enjoyed your stay.

Thursday, February 27, 2014

A Little Preview of Spring...

Just thought I would send out a little ray of hope for those longing for spring.
Click to Enlarge.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Zoom In, Zoom Out and Wild Bird Wednesday

Today I am sharing some photo's I took this past Saturday of a Blue Heron at Mill Creek near the Community College Campus here in Walla Walla.
Coleen and I went for a little drive to see what we could find to photograph and spotted it.

I'll be sharing with Helena's Zoom In Zoom Out Meme and Stewart's - Wild Bird Wednesday.
Click to enlarge photos.
First the Zoom Out shot as we first saw the Heron:
It then decided to fly and as luck would have it, it flew straight towards me.  So I just kept snapping away.  Zooming in....
Ready or not here I come.
Start to engage landing gear...
Landing gear down....
Touch down. - I love how ruffled the feathers are on it's chest in this shot.
Let's pose for a the camera.
We're off again!

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Songography - Hazy Shade of Winter Edition

Well after taking a couple of weeks off from participating in Songography I'm back with my interpretation of,  Hazy Shade of Winter (Bangles).

Please join me over on Kathy's blog,  You'll Shoot Your Eye Out for

Click to enlarge photos.

                                        -Look around, leaves are brown-

And the sky is a hazy shade of winter.
Look around,
Leaves are brown,
There's a patch of snow on the ground

Friday, February 21, 2014

Random 5 Friday - Cuteness Overload

Happy Friday! -  It's time for some random fun.  Won't you join me over at Nancy's blog (A Rural Journal) for RANDOM 5 FRIDAY

Click to Enlarge Photos.

1. Kitten's are just so cute! - Don't you just want to pinch his little cheeks and go, "kotchy, kotchy, koo."

2.  Well I've been largely disappointed with the Olympics this time around.  The US won several events but lost a lot as well.  I'm not really a sore loser but I hate all the "political" crap that seems to abound now at these events and the "whining" when your team or athletes lose. Grow up already!

                                              Spooky and the Laser Toy

3.  I love it when I fix something for dinner and "everyone" enjoys it.  I made Chicken Enchilada's this past week and thought Coleen wouldn't like them because generally she doesn't like spicier type foods.  She ate it and actually loved them.

4.  Patience is not one of my better virtues.  I've been waiting for some test results from my dentist for nearly 2 weeks now.  Needless to say I'm not happy about the long wait.  I tend to worry a lot and think that something could be horribly wrong even though the dentist said not to worry about it. Yeah, right.

5.  I'm so happy that the snow melted and you can actually see some signs of spring outside now.  Still not very warm but hey you can't have everything.  I did catch this cute photo during our snow storm of a man taking his kid to school on a sled.

Finally some more cute photo's just for the fun of it.

         Greta and Miss Dottie who loves to ride around on your shoulders.

                Our little pug Cricket has a smile to share with you.

Finally it was "Mismatched" day at Coleen's school today.  Do you think she pulled it off!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Yesterday we stopped in to check out a kitten we'd seen advertised by the local Humane Society....and the rest is history.
Please welcome the newest edition to our home:  Spooky-Boo Krause.  Hubby doesn't like the "Boo" part of his name so we are just mainly calling him Spooky.  He's a real sweetie, about 3 1/2 months old.   He can really purr up a storm, loves to lick you and is just so gentle and loving.
Right now  he's a bit shy around all the other cats so he spends most of his time in Greta's room but that will eventually change as they all adjust to each other.
The teal coloring around his one ear was from where them marked his ear.  We have no idea why they do this but it's dye and will eventually was off.

He's going to fit in quite nicely around here.  I'll post most pictures later on but again he's a bit camera shy as well so I haven't gotten many pictures of him yet.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Scavenger Hunt Sunday & Sunlit Sunday

Welcome!  Thank you to all of my new followers and of course my old ones as well for visiting and commenting.  You help to make my day a little brighter.

Won't you please join me for SCAVENGER HUNT SUNDAY hosted by Ashley (Ramblings and Photos).

This weeks prompts:  Camouflaged, Nutty, Old Style, Haphazard, Monochromatic.

Click to enlarge Photos.


Well this little kitty really isn't "camouflaged" but he sure blended in well with his surroundings.  -  This is a new neighborhood kitty I spotted a few weeks ago across the street. 


 Salted Pecans qualify as nutty and yummy too!

I had no idea what this meant exactly so I edited a photo to give it an "old style" vintage look. It was overcast and somewhat foggy here today which helped to give this just the right feel for the old style vintage edit.


This looks like a bunch of yellow boxes stacked haphazardly on top of each other.  It's actually a metal sculpture on the Whitman College campus entitled, Balancing Act. - This was taken last month but never shown on the blog.

I couldn't decide whether I should use this or not as it's not entirely monochromatic but I thought it was close enough and it turned out so cute I decided to go ahead and go with it.

Coleen's leopard hat up against my leopard blanket and our tan curtains all blend together in monochromatic tones.


Also joining Karen (My Little Home and Garden) for SUNLIT SUNDAY.

We actually had a little sunshine this week!

I happened to venture outside and captured this little guy enjoying the sunshine. I love the sunshine that seems to make his tail sparkle.

and this one of our cat, Miss Dottie enjoy a bath in the sunshine.

While I'm not participating this week I would also like to mention a great meme to visit is Kathy's - SONGOGRAPHY.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Random 5 Friday

Welcome!  -  It's time to join Nancy (A Rural Journal) for Random 5 Friday where everyone posts 5 random thoughts/facts about themselves, their family, their pets, or whatever. You get the picture so join in on the fun.

1.  This isn't so random....It's Valentine's Day here in the US (not sure how many other countries celebrate this holiday.  As I've gotten older I've come to realize that V-Day isn't just for couples.  We celebrate this holiday for our entire family.  Love is precious so why not share it with everyone.

2.  Weather is weird!  Earlier this week we had this...

 and then it warmed up to nearly 60 and all melted away. - WEIRD!

3.  My back is still sore from last Saturday's fall.  Oh not as much as it was the first couple of days but geez as you get older it takes longer to get over stuff like that.  I must admit though I was able to bowl on Tuesday and actually had a 184 game.

4.  Does anyone else think it's a bummer to already know the outcome of who wins medals at the Olympics before the event is shown on TV?  Takes all the surprise and fun out of it for me. 

5.  Going to make Apple Crisp today to help celebrate V-Day and my middle brother's birthday which was Wednesday.  He said,  "No presents" for my birthday this year so instead I'm giving them to him for Valentine's Day.

Have a great one everyone and pass some love along.

Cats in order of appearance:  Callie-Jo (our cat),  Fred (the neighbor's cat) and Miss Dottie (our cat).

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Scavenger Hunt Sunday - February 9, 2014

Welcome! - I've taken a couple of weeks off from Scavenger Hunt Sunday for various reasons but this week I decided it was time to get back in the hunt.

This weeks prompts:  Looking Up, Light, Favorite Mobile Device, Outside and Inside.

Let's just say this week has been nothing but snow, snow & more snow for so many people and here in "Wally World" we finally got hit with it.  I started out trying hard to embrace the beauty of the snow but by the end of the week I'm not trying to just "endure" through it.

Having fallen on some ice today and landing rather soundly on my behind I've got quite the sore bum so sitting is limited.  Hopefully I'll make it around to comment on your blogs.

Let's get started.  Please join me and Ashley (Ramblings and Photos) for SCAVENGER HUNT SUNDAY.


While out taking pictures this week I heard the unmistakable sound of geese flying overhead.  I looked up and snapped this shot as they passed over head.

LIGHT:  There hasn't been much sun light this past week but it was out for a few minutes and I caught a hint of it shining on our storage shed roof.

FAVORITE MOBILE DEVICE:  Okay I planned to skip this one since I don't own a fancy phone, ipod, etc...and then I snapped a photo from inside my craft room that I thought fit quite well.  I bet all over the country this machine has been a lot of people's favorite mobile device....

A snow plow doing what it does best, removing that white stuff to help make driving easier.

OUTSIDE:  Another photo shot from inside looking outside...

Callie-Jo was quite content to be inside on this cold day watching the crows outside gathering peanuts and bird seed that I left out for them. - Bonus shot of the crows in the street outside.

INSIDE:  While I was outside snapping photos of the birds and snow I snapped this photo of my cat, Piglet sitting inside my mom's house looking outside at me.

Well that's it for this week.  I need to go soak in another tub of warm water or put on the Aspercreme and take 2 Ibuprofen for the pain and go to bed.

Stay safe and warm to those still battling through this winter.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Random 5 Friday - The Winter Edition

If you are here for PHOTO ART FRIDAY please click on the link to be taken to the post.

It's Friday and once again time to join in the fun of Random 5 Friday hosted by the wonderful Nancy from (A Rural Journal) 

So let's get started shall we...

I saw this quote and just couldn't resist posting it.

         Winter is Nature's Way of saying, "Up Yours!" - Robert Byrne

1.  It "Snowed" here yesterday.

                                                     "My Hero"

  Oh goodie gumdrops!  Most of you probably know I'm not a big fan of winter or snow but this year I'm trying to find it's special beauty. My friend Debbie, (It's All About Purple) is teaching me that snow makes for great photo opts and you know, she's right.

2.  Dogs like snow...

Pixie went crazy when I took her out.
Cricket had a grand time too.
3.  Crows come out to eat no matter what kind of weather you are having.

I stomped down the area around the telephone pole where I normally put out the peanuts and threw some on the freshly plowed sidewalk and within minutes there were quite a number of crows grabbing up the peanuts right and left.
4.   There is nothing more joyous then a child's smile.
5.  Sugar/Cinnamon Toast is a perfect breakfast on a cold snowy morning.
Bonus thought.... Spring will eventually arrive. - I saw Robin's earlier this week.
                     Edited in Pic Monkey to give it the watercolor look.
Have a great weekend.  It's supposed to snow again today and maybe tomorrow as well.  Then next week they say we may get up to nearly 50 degree's.