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Friday, April 9, 2010

Catching Up

Boy Time Flies....
From my birthday (March 20) My mom had a package for me with Candles on it so Coleen and I were pretending to blow them out.
My gift from Coleen, One of her Dora pictures.  Sorry for the bad photo but the camera settings must hae been off when the picture was taken and I couldn't edit it any better.  I look like I've got a sunburn.

Coleen hunting Easter eggs.  Notice how windy it was out.
Counting her eggs.  You can see her mouthing the number (4)
LSome Spring flowers - These white bells were by one of the duck ponds in our local city park.  The Grape Hyacinths were in someone's yard and I took some shots while Coleen and I were out for a walk.
Lastly a fun picture I took of Harley the other day.  This was one of my stuffed frogs but he adopted it and loves to throw it around the room.  He decided to take a nap on the cat perch and his frog toy became a pillow.
I'll try to post more photos soon and keep you up to date a little more often.