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Thursday, August 26, 2010

First Day of Kindergarten

Well it's official...Coleen has grown up.  She started Kindergarten today. This is her waiting in anticipation prior to walking off to school this morning.  It's not a fabulous photo because for some odd reason she refused to smile normally this morning.   Why is it that when kids are younger (say 2-3) they are big camera lovers and will pose all day for the cutest of photo's if asked.  Once they get to be closer to 5-6 years of age they suddenly develop camera shyness or the refusal to cooperate for a decent photo!  This is the outfit Great-Grandma (aka Granny) made for her to wear for the first day of school.    Her mom bought her a pair of sparkly pink sneakers which Coleen begged her to buy.  Big problem though, they wouldn't stay on her feet so she ended up having to wear her Black Dress shoes instead.  We'll have to figure out some way for the shoes to stay on her feet as they are really to cute not to wear.

 Since I had made a card for her to celebrate her first day of school and made the shoes sparkly pink I had to get her picture wearing them.     This is a picture of Coleen and her teacher, Ms. Jacky taken after we got to school.  I should have had my camera on a different setting but at least it's a picture of her and her teacher.

She only went 1/2 day today (8:00-12:00) and then has tomorrow off.  She'll go back on Monday or a full day (8:00-2:40) and then off on Tuesday. Back on Wednesday and Thursday. Off for the local Fair on Friday and Monday for Labor Day.  Then it's back to the regular Full day schedule.  This is done to acclimate the Kindergartners into school so they aren't overwhelmed.

So far she is loving school.  We'll see how long that lasts.  It's all really new and exciting for her right now but there are days when I'm sure that's she'll be a bit bored or just not want to go but hopefully that won't be to often.