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Friday, June 7, 2019

Willy Nilly Friday Five - June 7, 2019

Hey I'm posting again!  Wow 2 weeks in a row.  -  It's been a fairly easy week without to much stress for which I'm very thankful.

So let's join Tom (The Backroads Traveller) for:

I'm behind on sharing some of the photo's I've taken this year so I'll sharing a few of them today.

1.  One night while waiting for the "Blue Hour" to arrive I captured this wonderful rainbow shot.

followed by this sunset shot.

2.  While out for a walk around the block one day I spotted this little fellow in someone's yard and had to snap a photo.

3.  Spotted in a Parking Lot - Coleen snapped this for me.

4.  On a drive one day we followed this:

Hubby drove around the block so I could get a better shot.

5.  Missed sharing some photos of the Magnolia's in bloom.

6.  On a drive up Mill Creek with my mom one evening we spotted this:

7.  Who remembers this post from last year?   -  Guess what?  I won again this year.  This time it was 3rd Place which was a 50 pack of $5 tickets.  I didn't win big but I came away with $160.00 which wasn't bad.  I'll enter again next year.

8.  Finally it's that time of year.  Klicker Strawberries are here!!!   I'll be making Strawberry Shortcake today.

In honor of the season:

Have a fantastic weekend everyone!