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Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Comedy of Errors

 Hello! - Does anyone remember me? I've been absent here for awhile.  So today I thought I would share how my day started (yesterday).

First I woke up to find that we had snow on the ground.  Not much but just enough to (almost) put me in a bad mood.  Everyone who knows me knows how much I detest winter/snow.
I decided though to try and not let it bother me to much even though I had bowling and didn't really want to drive on slick roads.
The next thing I did was to go outside to feed the neighbors cat and the birds and squirrels.  On the way out the door my lounge dress got caught in the door.  Thinking that I could just open the door and free myself I discovered that the door hadn't been completely unlocked and I was stuck outside with a hungry cat meowing and no where to go.  

I rang and rang the doorbell thinking that hubby would come to my rescue but alas he didn't seem to be anywhere around.  So finally I managed to pull my skirt loose from the door and I went about my business of feeding the hungry critters.
Next up I came in to take a nice hot shower and got in the tub, turned on the hot water and was blasted with super cold water because the stopper was still up and the water coming out of the spout hadn't warmed up yet.  What a rude awaking! 
I'm beginning to wonder if I should even go bowling at this point.  Then I went in to get my medication and I had my bra in hand as I was on my way to get fully dressed when I remembered I needed to take my pills early.  So I set the bra down on the counter and it fell off into the cats water bowl!  Being the only bra I had to wear I ended up having to blow it off with my hair dryer so I could finish getting dressed.  
I got in the car and discovered that the right rear tire
was low on air but I made it to the alley without any problems and the roads weren't that bad. - Things were looking up.
My morning turned out better then I had anticipated as I bowled 3 really decent games (150 - 189 - 143) all above my current 140 average and I had a good time laughing and visiting with the other ladies. There was even some laughter about my butt...but I'll spare you that story!
Have a great day and don't let the little errors in life annoy you!