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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Good Fences #135 - Cornstalks on a Gate


Welcome! - It's been a quieter (still busy) week here but things aren't as stressful.

Joining Theresa (The Run-a-round Ranch Report) for,
Click to Enlarge photos.
Spotted this last fall and am finally getting around to sharing.
This Gate and lights with cornstalks decorated a vacant lot here in town.
Apparently someone in the back part of the lot used this as an entrance to their property.
The lot has been vacant for many years.  An elderly woman was murdered in the house that used  to be there.  The house was eventually torn down but nothing has ever been put back up so the lot sits empty.
I do think the gate, lights and corn stalks made for a pretty fall entryway to whatever was going on in the back part of the lot.
It would be nice someday if another home was built on the lot. 
That's it for this week.  It's been rainy & dreary here most of the week and doesn't look to promising for the weekend either.  Oh well,  I'll have time to catch up on your blogs then.
Have a great day & thanks for stopping by.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Good Fences #134 - Pick a Holiday Fence

Hello & Welcome!  - I finally got around to visiting everyone from last week just in time to post for this week.

Had a busy week filled with Volleyball Games (watching Coleen play), School Conferences for Coleen, bowling league, a trip to the ER with my mom, out of town guest & a trip to the Vet with 2 of the cats....yep, not much time for blogging.

Anyway it's time for some GOOD FENCES hosted by Theresa from The Run-a-round Ranch Report.

While driving down an alley the other day in search of fall foliage I did a double take at one of the fences in the alley.  Stopped the car & snapped a few pictures.

This entire fence was lined wit all kinds of holiday decorations.

 Lots of Christmas decor

Some Valentine stuff...

Other assorted holidays, (Halloween, Thanksgiving & Easter).

I didn't take a photo of all the plastic boxes lined up at the bottom of the fence but they were jammed packed with holiday items.

I'm guessing they were gearing up for a Yard Sale.  I hope they moved things inside before today as it's been dumping rain and is windy outside and let's just say these decorations would be soaked and ruined if they didn't take them inside.

That's is for my fence find this week.

I'll try hard to get by your blogs in the next couple of days.

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Good Fences #133 & Little Things Thursday - Oct. 6, 2016

Welcome! - It's been a busy week (again) here.  I finally managed to get my mom in to see the doctor and found she had an infection in her legs so she's on medication now to clear that up.  Plus they gave her pain medication for her back and she's finally starting to get some sleep after nearly 2 weeks of suffering from bad back pain. - This of course eases my stress level so I'm able to relax a little more and join in on some of the Meme's I enjoy.

Up first:  GOOD FENCES

On one of our walks Coleen and I spotted a fence surrounded by Rowan Tree berries.  Here are a few shots of the fence and berries.

Here they are growing through the slats in the fence.

Here they are resting on top of the fence.

Here they top the fence along with growing through the slats.


Spreading out in all their glorious color.  - Aren't they wonderful.

Be sure to stop by Theresa's blog (The Run-a-round Ranch Report) and check out all the other Good Fences featured.


Now let's join, Tamar (Random-osity) for:


One of my favorite "little" things lately is our new kitten, Caramel Honeybun.

I can't resist that sweet little face and just look at those whiskers!

Someone dropped an ice cube on the floor and she found it.  I snapped some shots of her enjoying the ice before I picked it up. 

She brings lots of joy and laughter into the house for sure.

Have a great weekend!

Friday, September 30, 2016

Willy Nilly Friday Five - Sept. 30, 2016

Welcome:  If you are here for either Good Fences or Little Things Thursday click on the highlighted link to be taken to that post.


Today's post is for WILLY-NILLY FRIDAY FIVE
1.  About 2 weeks ago we made another trip down to McNary Dam to see the Salmon as the "fall run" was going on.  We saw quite a few in the fish viewing room but it was hard to get photos of them.  On the way home we stopped at a road side information sign and I took a few pictures there.

This is the sign that tells about the history of the area.

Across the river (The Columbia) on a barren hill you can see a Vineyard.
2. We had rain recently and I went out and snapped a few "raindrops on roses" shots. - Soon the roses will be finished blooming as the days are getting cooler. 
3.  Along with the Orb Weaver spider I've mentioned before and shared last week we discovered a large garden spider in my flower bed.  Coleen and I have been enjoying watching both spiders as they've spun webs and captured bugs to eat in them.  Here is the Garden Spider with last night's supper.

4.  Coleen decided to play Volleyball this year.  It's been fun going to her games and watching her play.  I did a little collage of some of the shots I've taken at her games.

If you enlarge the collage above you will notice in the first shot how she is chewing on her lip.  She does that a lot during the games.  In the middle photo she is waiting to hit the ball as it comes over the net and at the right she is serving.  One of the things she does best.

5.  Finally because I haven't posted a recent photo of our newest kitten, (Caramel Honeybun) I thought I would share this sweet photo of her.

She is growing so quickly and is such a little character.  Life is always fun when you have cats & kittens around.  Never a dull moment for sure. 

Hope you have enjoyed the Random 5 this week.  Don't forget to stop in and check out the other participants.  Have a great weekend.

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Good Fences #132 - Mission Fences & Little Things Thursday

Welcome! - Let's get ready to enjoy some GOOD FENCES hosted by Theresa from The Run-a-round Ranch Report and LITTLE THINGS THURSDAY hosted by Tamar from Random-osity

 Click to Enlarge all photos.

 First up Good Fences - These were all taken at the Whitman Mission on Saturday. - See Yesterday's Post for more photos from the Mission.

 This shot was used for my 52 Frames Photo this past week for the prompt, PATH - It's part of the Oregon Trail. - This split rail fence is feature throughout the park area and the grasses on the left are Native to the area.

 Another view of the wagon, trail & fencing from up on top of the hill where the Memorial Shaft is located.

 Fencing around the Memorial Shaft.

The fencing seen through some of the native grass.

 Heading up the path on the way up to the Memorial Shaft.  Loving the pretty trees.

One of the many birds in the park resting on the fencing.

Finally some cows from a nearby farm enjoying grazing in the nice warm sunshine.

Now for a couple of shots for Little Things Thursday.

My favorite season.  These berries trees were just loaded with berries and so pretty and colorful. -

It's the little things like watching the birds in the park that made the day extra special.

Have a great day & don't forget to stop by both blogs to check out the other participants.  You can do so by clicking on the links at the start of the post.