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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Adam West Day

I grew up in the 60's watching the "Original" Batman series starring,
Adam West.  Mr. West was born in Walla Walla on Sept. 19, 1928 so it was fitting that Adam West Day was held today in downtown Walla Walla.
Mr. West passed away June 9, 2017.

Joining Jesh (ArtworksfromJeshStG) for ALL SEASONS

                                          Click to Enlarge Photos:

Adam West Day banners lined Main Street

Business had various batman signs in their windows.  This one features Batman (Adam West), Robin (Burt Ward) and some of the characters from the series:  The Riddler (Frank Gorshin), The Joker (Cesar Romero), Cat Woman (Julie Newmar), and The Penguin (Burgess Meredith).

Children came out in droves many in Batman costumes like the little boy below.

Note his little sister is hiding behind him. - Don't you love how serious he looks.

A Replicas of the "Batmobile" used in the series was there for people to see as well.

Plus you could get your picture taken with Batman (not Adam West)

I managed to get Coleen to pose for a photo with Batman. 

It was a fun celebration. - Thank you Mr. West for all you did for our community and also for entertaining us all those years as the original,

Friday, September 15, 2017

Friday Fun

Welcome! - Posting today for several Memes. - Click to Enlarge Photos.


A plain board fence that caught my eye.


1.  Did some baking again recently.  This time it was Blackberry Pie Bars.
Oh so yummy!  Recipe found here on The Novice Chef.

2.  Spotted this on a recent walk

Are you in the mood for fall & Halloween Decor yet? - I'm getting there.

3.  Spotted this while out on a drive:

That's one "wild paint job!"

4.  Spotted this on another drive around town:

How cool is that! - Took a close-up and used for my 52 Frames photo for the week Unexplored.  You can see the album here:  This was the photo I used for that week:

Edited to include this shot for Orange You Glad It's Friday.

5.  I love coffee mugs of all kinds.  - I spotted an owl mug recently and had to buy it.  Then I realized that they had several different mugs so I went back and bought one for my hubby, one for my daughter, Greta & one for my granddaughter, Coleen.  They are pictured below.  See if you can figure out which one is my mug.  Make a guess....

Now if you want to know...From Left to Right - My Mug is the one on the left, then Greta's is next, Coleen's is the Red Mug and Mike's is the one on the far right.  - They make me smile!

Finally For FELINE FRIDAY - Hosted for awhile on Comedy Plus.

It's Callie-Jo taking a rest on my purse.  - By the way Callie-Jo has recovered completly from whatever ailment she had a few weeks ago.  That makes us all very happy!

Sunday, September 10, 2017

Gotcha Day - Caramel

It's Caramel Honeybun's - "Gotcha Day"!

One year ago this little sweetie joined our household.

 Here is Coleen holding her at the Adoption Event held at the Fair Grounds.

Here she is sitting on the back of the couch.

And here she is today, 1 Year later....

She's really grown hasn't she.  It's been a wonderful year with our sweet little Caramel. 

Here's to many more years to come.  - Happy "Gotchas Day" Caramel.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Fences Around the World - Morning Glory Edition

Joining Gosia (Looking for Identity) for FENCES AROUND THE WORLD

Two different fences here today featuring Morning Glory growing on them.

First up the fences that borders the property between where my daughter lives and the house next door.

 She planted some moss roses and daisies but apparently somewhere a Morning Glory seed snuck in because that's what sprouted and grew.

It's growing out of an old barrel turned on it's side. 

Next from down the alley by the school.

I love the tendrils reaching up to the sky.


I think they are both so pretty & really dress up the fences.

Monday, September 4, 2017

Awww Mondays


Today I'm joining Sandee (Comedy Plus) for AWWW MONDAYS

Spotted this while driving down the street.  Had to go back and get my camera because it was too good to pass up.

 What a fun and clever way to advertise your Yard Sale.

Had to get a shot of the red bow from the other side.

Have a great day & thanks for stopping by.