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Friday, July 13, 2018

Willy Nilly Friday Five and Feline Friday

Yikes!  Summer is going by so quickly and I've not posted much about it.  Seems like I'm so busy trying to keep up with yard work, housework, taking care of my mom etc..that I barely have time to breath much less blog.  I miss it,  so every now & then I manage to do a post just to let you all know I'm still alive.

Joining Tom (The Backroads Traveller) for WILLY NILLY FRIDAY FIVE
and Sandee (Comedy Plus) for FELINE FRIDAY

1. June was a nice cool month and we had a nice surprise on June 29th with a tiny rainshower and a rainbow.  This is the best shot I could manage of the rainbow....

Others were much luckier.  You can view their shots HERE and HERE

That same evening the sunset was just wonderful and I snapped this shot of it:

2. Drove up to Bennington Lake one evening and spotted these colorful kayaks out on the lake.

3.  I also found some Queen Anne's lace to photograph.

Here is an "artsy" edit of the same photo.

4.  On the way out of the lake I spotted a Quail sitting on a fence post.  I quickly pulled into a nearby turnout and quietly got out of the car and got as close as I could without spooking the quail.  I've always wanted to get a shot of a quail like this.  Sadly I didn't quite get the quail in good focus but it's not a bad shot and I'll keep working on getting just the perfect shot of a quail.

5.  We didn't go out of town over the 4th of July but we did manage a picnic at one of the local parks.  Below are shots of us having a good time.

6.  Bonus shot of one of the many hanging baskets in our down town.


A shot of Bandit watching one of the other cats.  He has such gorgeous eyes.
It's a HOT one here this week.  The high today is expected to be 102 so I'm leaving you with this musical selection.

Have a great weekend.  For those of you in the "Heat Wave" areas stay cool and safe.

Thursday, July 12, 2018

Book Review - In Peppermint Peril by Joy Avon

In Peppermint Peril is the debut book in Joy Avon new series: A Book Tea Shop Mystery.

The book takes place in a charming little town in Maine called, Hearts Harbor. The main character of the story, Calliope (Callie) returns to Hearts Harbor to spend Christmas with her Great Aunt Iphigenia, (affectionately referred to as Aunt Iphy).  Aunt Iphy runs a Book Tea Shop that serves up loads of yummy treats all with a "book clue" in them.

As you get into the book you discover that a special Tea Party has been set up at Haywood Hall where Callie spent many happy times as a child.  Callie is now a Travel Tour Guide but is spending the Christmas Holiday with her Great Aunt.

As the town all gathers at Haywood Hall for what they believe to be the reading of the owner's new will a murder takes place.

Callie takes it upon herself to help solve this crime because it involves people she cares about.  She meets up with the town Deputy Sheriff Falk , whom at first she isn't even sure he's qualified to solve a murder.  As the story unfolds they end up more or less working together to put the pieces of puzzle together to solve the murder.

There are a couple of "subplots" in the story that tie into the story line without distracting the reader from the main plot.

After the inital confusion of trying to figure out what a Book Tea Shop actually was I started to really get into the story.  The characters were easy to follow and relatable.  There seemed to be a hint of a "romance" to possibly follow between Callie and the Deputy in future books in this series.

It's an, easy to read book free from foul language and explicit sexual situations.  If you are looking for a charming read with a bit of mystery I would recommend trying this new series.  Available here on Amazon for Pre-Order.

Thank you to Net Galley and Joy Avon for an ARC in exchange for an honest review of this book.  -  I can't wait for the next book in the series to come out.  I give this book a 4 Star Rating.

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Wordless Wednesday - June 27, 2018

Welcome! Joining WORDLESS WEDNESDAY today.


        Okay so it's not totally "wordless" but it works.

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Tuesday Fun

Joining in on TUESDAY FUN over on Comedy Plus

First at SOOC (Straight Out of Camera) shot:

Spotted a hubcap in the up against the street curb the other night while on a short walk.  Took this shot - Can you see me?

Let's have some fun with this photo...

Not to different, just a little boost in color. - Continuing on....

Playing around on PicMonkey with the levels and such.  Sort of Black/White abstract look to this one.

 Took it over to BeFunky for a different look.

Finally edited both on BeFunky and PicMonkey...I added a butterfly and saying to the shot.

 My how that hubcap has changed!!!

Hope you had as much fun looking at my art as I did creating it.

Enjoy your day.

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Book Review - More Than Meets The Eye

Today I'm reviewing the book:  More Than Meets The Eye by Karen Witemeyer. 

Description of the book off Net Galley: