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Thursday, September 14, 2023

Signs of Autumn

 Summer is rapidly winding down...only 8 days left until Autumn begins.

It's one of my favorite seasons and last week I took a walk and discovered a few early signs of Autumn.

A few of the leaves changing on this tree already.

On the way to the store I spotted this tree and had to get some pictures of it.

Those bright red leaves really stand out.

Around the block from us I spotted a trio of pumpkins growing in a neighbors yard.

Also on the same walk...some berries from a Dogwood tree.  I just looked this up, It's called a Chinese Dogwood and apparently the fruit is edible.  I may have to walk back around the block and eat one. -Edited to add:  Well I walked around the block again and found a couple of the fruits still on the tree.  Picked them, washed them, cut them open and ate a small amount of the flesh.  - Opinion, taste a bit sweet but texture is mushy, too many seeds which you aren't supposed to eat and well just not worth it in my opinion.


Thanks for stopping by.  - I hope you have enjoyed your visit.

Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Birthday Celebration #3

Hello  - Remember me? - Yes I seem to have a hard time finding time to post here even though I have a bunch of stuff I could post about.
So today we are doing a post to celebrate (Red's) aka JoJo or Joelle's 3rd birthday.
                          The birthday girl and her balloons.
                          Telling everyone how old she is.
 They gave her a birthday crown at Day Care so she had to wear it.

  Posing next to her presents.  She likes to say, "Cheese" before a   picture gets taken.
                         Opening up one of her presents.
                  Blowing out the candles on her cake.
                  Enjoying that cake and her birthday.
Funniest thing that happened...On her very last present she opened it was wrapped in a box.  After she tore the paper off she held it up and very excitedly said,   "I got a box!" -  Everyone laughed and then we told her she had to open the box to see what was inside.  Pulls out a pair of pants,  say, "Pants" tosses them on the ground and then pulls out a sweatshirt with a Butterfly on it and gets all excited again,  "I got a butterfly!".  Kids are so funny.

Friday, August 11, 2023

Feline Friday and Friendly Fill-Ins - August 11, 2023

 Joining in today on Feline Friday - Hosted over on Messymimi's Meanderings  and Friendly Fill-Ins hosted at:

Fifteen and Meowing and Four-Legged Furballs


First up my photos for Feline Friday.  Today I'm featuring a couple of pictures of our new kitten,  Maky (aka Wacky Maky).  She has really settled into life here and is such an adorably sweet kitten.

 Next up the Friendly Fill In's:

The statements are:

1. Sometimes I like ____________________ and sometimes I don’t.
2. If I had a nickel for every time _____________________  ,  I would be rich.
3. _________ is already _________, but I’m not complaining
4. I haven’t yet decided _________.

 These are my answers:

1.  Sometimes I like my kitties and sometimes I don't. - I know shocking news!  I like them most of the time but I don't like them when I'm trying to read, or e-mail or just sit and relax and they insist on getting in my face.

2.  If I had a nickel for every time those kitties got in my face,  I would be rich.

3.  Fall is already around the corner but I'm not complaining because that means the hot weather will soon end.

4. I haven't yet decided what kind of cards I'm going to make for Christmas.  I always wait till the last minute it seems.

You can always visit my card blog if you want here:  Faith Artistry if you feel so inclined.

Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to stop in at the blogs hosting these fun things.

Tuesday, August 8, 2023

Flowers in the Rain

We had our first real rain of the summer yesterday.  It was so refreshing.  - I decided to go out and shoot a few of the flowers after or rather during the rain.

 Which is your favorite? 
Thanks for stopping by. - Have a great day. 

Monday, August 7, 2023

Awww Mondays - August 7, 2023 (Strawberry Girl)


Joining today for Awww Mondays.

First off - It's raining here!!! First real rain we've had all summer long.


One thing that I love about summer here is that we get the most delicious strawberries ever here.  A family named, Klicker has been growing them for many, many years and I wait patiently (sometimes not so patient) each summer to enjoy them.  

Our little Granddaughter, Joelle (affectionately known as, JoJo) has become a lover of them too.  All summer long she would ask Grandma for strawberries.  These shots are the last ones of the berries that I bought this summer.  Oh how she enjoyed them.


So long sweet strawberries, we'll be waiting for next summer!