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Monday, May 31, 2010

Flowers of Remembrance

May 27th                               Here is a photo of my dad's flowers for what would have been his 90th birthday this year.                                       Coleen wanted to take her Great-Grandpa a flower too so she picked a piece of clover and I put it into the vase along with the other flowers.
She was so sweet while we were there.  Even though she never knew her Great-Grandpa we've shown her pictures and have talked to her about him and she knows he's in Heaven with Jesus now.  Just before we got ready to leave she asked if she could say a prayer.  I told her that would be fine so she went over to the grave and knelt down, folded her hands and prayed, "Dear Lord Jesus,  Thank you for this day.  Please take good care of Great-Grandpa in heaven, Amen." 
 Let me tell you it brought tears to my eyes and my moms.  What a child like faith she has.  I hope she never loses that faith.  We could all learn from her.

Here are the Memorial Day bouquets we took out this morning in spite of it being another drizzly, rainy day.  From L-R, Bouquets for my Grandma Ida, Grandma Pauline (I'm named after both Grandmother's), My Dad, and my Aunt Sadie who was one of my dad's sisters and helped raise him.
May they Rest in Peace and may their memories be ever present in the lives of those who knew them. 

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

May in Review

Wow can you believe it almost June already! -  It's been a "different" spring here this year.  Not much for sunshine (insert sad face) and plenty of rain (another sad face) but all in all it hasn't been that bad.  I just long for a little more sunshine.  Still the flowers have managed to bloom and grow quite nicely.  This was my mom's Lilac tree in bloom in late April, early May.  Isn't it gorgeous.

My Azalea's were divine this year.  This is my orange one and right next to it is a yellow one (equally as bright).  I think they are just breathtaking when they bloom. 

The Roses are just starting to bloom now and look fabulous.  This one is called,
"Scentimental" and it  does have a wonderful fragrance.

Every May for the last 36 years we've had an annual Hot Air Balloon Stampede here in Walla Walla.  In recent years they started holding the event Mother's Day weekend so there's always a lot going on in town that week.  The balloons are launched from different areas the first day and some of them float right over our houses.  Here is a picture of one that I caught right between my mom's house and her next door neighbor on the other side (we live next door as well but across the driveway).

What Mother's Day would be complete without a photo with MOM! - My mom hates having her picture taken so this one is a keeper as we actually got her to laugh. (Notice kitty in window...that's our cat, Dottie).
Hubby celebrated a birthday (56) this month as well.  Here he is opening a present from Coleen...don't you love the look on her face as she's waiting for him to open the present.
Here is Coleen learning to make, Meatloaf!  She really enjoyed mixing up that gooey mixture.  Even funnier is when she told everyone that she made the meatloaf all by herself!

My Mother-in-law came down and spent 2 weeks with us this month (I told you it's been a busy month) and this is a photo taken just before she left on Sunday.  Poor Coleen was heart broken that Great-Grandma was going home so she was crying and this is the best photo I could get of her.

Finishing off we had our first Strawberry Shortcake of the year last night with strawberries picked from my very own strawberry patch!  Our cat Snickers wanted to check them out before I cut them up.  Don't they look delicious!

Well that's it for this installment of the Krause House...till next time.  Have a safe and Happy Memorial Day weekend. 

Thanks for dropping by.

Monday, May 17, 2010

It's just Ducky!

This past Saturday (15th) was the annual Ducky Derby here in Walla Walla.  The proceeds from the sale of the rubber ducks go to help prevent Child Abuse in the area.  This truck contained approximately 17,000 rubber ducks.  They are dumped into Mill Creek and float down to a designated area and into a tube (well a few) and those are the prize winners.  First Prize is usually a new Truck or $10,000 in cash.    Sadly our ducks (we had 5) did not win any of the prizes but at least our money went for a good cause.

I just love the photo of the ducks caught in the undercurrent and of course I can't post without showing a picture of Coleen enjoying the fun as well.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Time in The Park

Took Coleen to the park a week ago and forgot to post these photo's.  They are to cute to pass up so here we go:
First up going down the slide and then the surprise at the bottom.  I cropped that one so you could see the expression on her face. 
Here she is playing on the Ropes and making silly faces.
Lastly here I am swinging (I love to swing). Coleen took this picture,  I think she did a great job.