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Friday, January 12, 2024

Winter arrived today

Hello and Welcome. - Gosh it's already the 12th of January and I've only posted once this year so far.  -  Life tends to get in the way sometimes and I don't get around to blogging as often as I'd like.
So far this year I've been busy with taking down the inside Christmas decorations (which is a big job), helping a little to take down the outside decorations (another big job).  I've also done other work around the house which was neglected through the holiday season.
It hasn't all been work though as I've bowled a couple of times already this year on the Tuesday morning league.  In fact I did great this past week averaging out for the 3 games at a 162!  I also spent a lovely afternoon playing Bunco with a great group of ladies and even took 3rd place winning a few $$ and just having a great time.
Our weather has been awesome for the most part with no snow at all in December.  We had a tiny skiff a few days ago that was gone by the next morning.  Last night though we got this:

 I cleared the walks off this morning with a "leaf blower"!  Lots of fun and since it was powdery snow easy to do.  Temperature is cold as the high today was only expected to be 15.  
For those of you who know me well you know I  (don't do winter, well) but I'm trying to think positive and that in only about 6 weeks it should be a whole lot nicer outside.  Each day is one day closer to spring!
Hope where ever you are you are staying, safe, warm, dry & enjoying life. 

Monday, January 1, 2024

Happy New Year 2024

 Happy New Year everyone. - Our celebration this year was a little different but still fun.

We played Uno, Ate Nachos/Tacos, had some snack foods, sat around and talked, ate dessert, had a toast at midnight and blew our party horns.  This year we didn't set off fireworks and in fact there were very few being set off in the neighborhood unlike other years.

As is tradition we took a New Years photo...

Bottom Row,  Yours truly (Ida) - Jupiter (Coleen),  Anna an adopted family member now.  Back row,  Mike,  Joelle, Greta & Adam.

 Here's to the New Year!  May it bring you peace, joy & happiness.
From our hearts to yours.