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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits on Thursday

Oops...where did the week go? Here it is Thursday and I just realized that I forgot to post my Tuesday Tidbits. So without further are a few things about this week.

I love to read but often don't seem to find enough time to do much reading. However this week I did manage to find time to finish this wonderful book. Earlier this year I read a story about Dewey the library cat and thoroughly enjoyed it. At that time I saw this book but our library did not have it available at that time. Recently I checked again and we had the book so I just had to check it out and I'm glad I did. It is an amazing story of how this woman raised a tiny barn owl and the bond they had with each other. Totally unbelievable and inspiring.

Above is a photo of one of our cats, Miss Dottie as she was hanging over the banister. I thought she looked hilarious, like she had a "hangover" or something so I snapped a photo of her.
Also an update on Harley...He has been doing okay since his surgery but just hasn't really been all that perky. It was concerning us so I called the Vet on Friday but she was out until Monday. In the meantime I found a little toy, Laser Bee at our local grocery store and bought one. Let me tell you this cat just loves that toy. He started chasing the red dot all over the place and gets so excited every time we get it out. I'll try to get a little video of him playing with it. It has made a huge difference in his attitude. I think perhaps he was depressed from his surgery and the fact that we had the new kitten, (Captain Cuddles) and just didn't have much desire to do anything but sleep. Now he's way more active and is even wrestling and playing with Cuddles again. Much cheaper then another trip to the Vet
Bowling Scores...Do I have to report these? Well let's just say it wasn't a stellar day (135 - 171 - 116) I don't know what was with me the first and last games but I couldn't pick easy spares at all. So frustrating considering the week before I bowled so great.
So there's a bit of what's happening in my world. Drop me a comment now and then to let me know you are out there.

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