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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Before it's too late...

Okay here are the (Holiday) photo's that I mentioned a couple of posts ago.  Thought I'd best put them up before it got any later in the year.

The Christmas Tree.  Yes we have an artifical tree.  I'm not to thrilled about it because I've always loved a real tree (nothing beats that smell) but since hubby is allergic and we've had some "bad" luck with trees drying out we opted for the artificial tree.  At least this one doesn't look to bad and I can leave it up till New Years which I usually couldn't do with a real tree.

Here is a picture of me with the newest grandchild - This is Savhana.  She just turned 1 year old on December 13th.  It was our first time seeing her since she was born.  Isn't she a cutie pie!

Next is a picture of Santa (aka Grandpa) with both Coleen and Savhana on Christmas morning.

Lastly it's the "gang" on New Years Eve.  What a bunch of rowdy party goers!  Sorry to be so late posting these.


  1. I love the Christmas you have, Ida! It is so beautiful!
    Thank you so much for sharing pictures of your family! Grandpa Santa is the best Santa Claus!
    And I agree Savhana is a cute pie! So as Coleen! She is such a sweet little girl!

  2. Thanks for your comment on my blog! Please feel free to follow! I will get more cards up later this week!


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