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Saturday, December 3, 2011

Scavenger Hunt Sunday - Dec. 4

Hello. - Wow time is sure marching by quickly.  I am so not ready for Christmas yet but it arrives right on schedule (ready or not). 
So are you ready for this weeks Scavenger Hunt Sunday.  Yes it's time for Ashley's Scavenger Hunt over on her blog: Ramblings and Photo's. - I wasn't able to participate last week but made an effort to get my pictures ready for this week.  For one thing Ashley chose 2 of my suggested "prompts" for this week so how could I not participate.

This weeks prompts were:  Portrait, Nostalgic, Time, Full of Light and Motion.

So here we go:

I'm not sure this would qualify as "portrait" quality but it's a pretty decent photo of my little Granddaughter, Coleen taken at the Christmas Light Parade on Saturday night.  It's not easy getting a good picture of her these days as she's always looking off to the side or up in the air instead of at the camera so I was happy to have snapped this happy photo.

Nostalgic: This was one of my prompts.  - I knew right away what I wanted to do for this photo.

These sweet little Angels belonged to my Grandmother.  She passed them on to me one day shortly before she passed away in 1988 - They are a part of her that I treasure. I believe they were probably made in the 1930's-40's and are of course "vintage" now.

Next prompt:  Time (also my suggestion) - For this I decided to photograph the Clock Tower on the Whitman College Campus here in Walla Walla.

Full of Light:
These little Gingerbread Figures and House are part of our holiday light display between our house and my mom's next door.  They sit in her yard.  We really light up the neighborhood with our lights. 

Lastly:  Full of Motion:  This one was a touch one for me.   I ended up with something a bit different (at least I think it is).

These are little bells hanging off a Christmas Santa that plays, "Just take those old Stockings off the shelf." to the tune of Bob Seger's, Old Time Rock-n-Roll.
So there you have my interpretations of this weeks prompts.  Don't forget to stop by Ashley's blog and check out what other people have done.


  1. Hi Ida!
    I am sidetracked by your adorable furry friends! ;-)

  2. Lovely collection. Are those Hummels for your nostalgia capture?


  3. Great capture of her eyes! I love your little vintage angels!

  4. Ida, these are quite lovely. Your granddaughter looks adorable all bundled up! Your little statue for nostalgic is adorable too!

  5. Beautiful job - I really like your time shot.

  6. Your granddaughter's eyes are gorgeous! Lovely capture!

  7. Great job! I think the motion of the bells is my favorite!

  8. You came up with some great prompts for this weeks scavenger hunt. I love your little figurine for nostalgic. Great job!

  9. Great interpretations for this week's prompts.
    Lovely shots.

  10. thanks for offering up such great Scavenger Hunt prompts... although this week crept up on me, I managed to get something posted. Oh, your NOSTALGIC shot is so sweet! this reminded me I have something NOSTALGIC that is hidden in another box. Oh my!! now where did I put that box?
    love your blog!

  11. I know I've said it before, but Coleen has the most incredibly beautiful eyes!

  12. NIce set of photos, Great choice of prompts too- i thought they were a bit tricky- but fun. Love your nostalgic- so lovely to have these sorts of things as reminders of special people.

  13. I love the nostalgia picture! And great suggestions for shots, I really enjoyed looking for them this week!


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