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Monday, July 16, 2012

Primitive Cave Drawings of Snowmen.

Have you ever wondered about Primitive Cave Drawnings?  You know the ones like these:  Well I think I may have found just such a cave drawing today.  It's out on our back porch etched into the Sheet Rock

Check it out,

I know pretty cool huh! -  I guess Coleen must have been bored and decided to get a little bit creative artistically speaking.

So since it was there I thought I might have a little fun with it myself.

I used Bonnie's (Pixel Dust Photo Art) texture (Winter Wonderland) in Hardlight at 50% Opacity and erased most of the texture off the snowman drawing.  I added the frost effect around the edges and a sketchy frame before framing it again in black to create this little Snowman in July scene for you.

Do think millions of years from now someone will discover Coleen's Snowman drawing and wonder what kind of people lived here?


  1. That is very cute, and bet it will become a future cave drawing! Cute idea

  2. Thank Colleen for the snowman -- a welcome sight in all this heat! :)


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