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Friday, January 25, 2019

In Memory of Ghost (Photo Heavy)

This is the story of our Ghost kitty.  Sadly we lost him this past Monday due to  undetermined natural causes.  Ghost started out belonging to a different family.  You'll learn how he came to be ours if you continue reading his story.

Here I am with my mom and my brothers and sister.  I'm the little gray kitten. - Fluffy was my mom.  One of my brothers and my sister went to different homes. 

Here I am at about 2 months.  I loved to explore and was visiting the neighbors (that's us).

This is me hanging out with my brother Fred.  Sadly Fred was hit by a car shortly after this photo was taken.

The neighbors were good to me and left food out and cozy place to take naps.

I liked to explore though and you could often find me sitting on fences or climbing roof tops.


Sometimes I even tried Pole Climbing in hopes of catching a squirrel.

I visited with friends on the neighbors front porch

I chased toys
I climbed trees and sat next to them as well.

I also visited my other kitty friend, Eric that the neighbors helped take care outside too.  Sadly he too got hit and killed by a car.
It wasn't a very safe world outside living on a busy street.

As time went on my owners would often forget to feed me and when the weather got bad I was left outside in the cold.  The nice neighbors decided to take me inside and finally they just adopted me.  When they took me in I had a very bad flea infestation and tape worms so they took me to the Vet and got me all fixed up.

I had a good life living inside with them.   I couldn't always be out though since I was very territorial and sometimes beat up their other cats.  So I had a room of my own and they gave me a nice bed, a climbing post, food, water & would let me out sometimes when the other kitties were in a different room so I could explore the house and get petted.

I loved  the chair with the fuzzy blanket.

Or sitting on the mantel or coffee table.

One year I even layed down under the Christmas tree.

I got to explore the perch of the other cats

While my life wasn't ideal since I had to be isolated so much I was loved and my people are very sad that I had to leave them so soon.

Please know that I am in peace now and am running free over the Rainbow Bridge.

                                        Rest in Peace - Ghost Buster
                                     May 11/ 2013 - January 21/ 2019


  1. So sad, but at least you saved him from the elements and gave him a warm place to sleep and be. I linked him to Feline Friday.

    Have a blessed day and weekend. Big healing hug. ♥

  2. What a beautiful kitty ... all the way along.

  3. goodbye sweet Ghost, you were a beautiful cat, really beautiful... so sorry you have gone over the rain bow bridge

  4. You are so laudable for saving this sweet soul from the streets. ~hugs~ And thank you for the kind words when my ordeal is so much less traumatic. Be at peace, my dear. And thank you for sharing all these lovely photos. What an amazing coat.

  5. Ghost; a handsum dood you were; and, always will be. we enjoyed reading about your life;
    we are sorry we never got to know you before now ~~~~~~ please say HI to gram paw dude, sauce, boomer perky.....well, the list goes on ~~ ♥♥♥

  6. Those were beautiful photos and such a wonderful life! Sweet Ghost, please tell my Brother and my Sisters there that I miss them too. Hugs to your Mom from all of us.

  7. He was a very handsome boy. I am sorry for your loss.

  8. Such a beautiful cat. Thanks for sharing Ghosts story.

  9. Sweet Ghost. At least you finally knew real love, and had a lot of your own things and comfort. You were beautiful. How did you happen to get the name Ghost Buster?

  10. Such sweet memories...aren't you glad you have all the photos!!! He was a beautiful cat!

  11. Not an ideal life? Love, companionship, fun, safety... That's the sort of life all cats should have, and I'm sure Ghost was very glad he had it, even if he had to leave it too soon. He sounds like a cat full of personality.

  12. Oh Ida...I could hardly read this sad post due to my eyes welling up with tears. 😭
    I am so sorry for your loss.
    You have such a BIG heart!❤ and you have cared for and loved so many cats who needed someone who would take them in. It's so nice to know that there are people like you in this world.
    Ghost was quite a handsome boy!! You captured some lovely photos of him that you can forever look at in remembrance of his life with you.
    Sending you much love and BIG {{HUGS}} 🐱🐾💗

  13. oh my Ghost was a pretty young mancat. My heart is just breaking. He did have an adventurous life and I am glad that you took him in so he didn't have to suffer the fate the other kitties did. My heart goes out to you, I am so deeply sorry. He was a breathtakingly handsome mancat xoxo

  14. very sad to know you loss the cat.

    have a great day

  15. Oh, so sorry for your loss...

  16. What a bootyful tribute to such a handsum kitty. Ghost was no doubt luvved and knew it. big hugs and purrayers.

    Luv ya'

    Dezi and Raena

  17. I am so so sorry to hear you have lost him. He reminds me so much of my Smokey, who we lost recently, not long after Gypsy. Love all the pictures...a lovely and loving tribute to a very special kitty. My goodness---he sure was gorgeous!I know you will miss him alot. So hard to lose a pet.

  18. What a sweet, beautiful kitty. Hugs to you Ida. I'm so very sorry for your loss.


  19. Ghost was a beautiful fur baby. I'm so happy you shared the photos with us. Loss of a fur baby is never easy. This was such a wonderful tribute to a special pet. xoxo

  20. Ida - a wonderful story of how Ghost came to live with you. Can't believe his original owners would forget to feed him and leave him out in the cold. It appears that he thoroughly enjoyed his time with you … I hope you find peace.

  21. Oh, Ida, I'm so sorry! That must have been a shock as he was still so young. I clearly remember when you took Ghost in. You've had to say goodbye to a lot of your furry friends and I know it hurts. Hugs from me.

  22. Beautiful tribute to your sweet boy. I am so sorry you didn't get much time with him. Thank you for the kind words you left on my blog for the loss of my Tallulah. XO

  23. So sorry, Ghost was a beauty. Such beautiful eyes.

  24. Such a beautiful kitty. And his life was so much better because of you.


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