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Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Staying in touch

First I just want to thank everyone who sent such wonderful condolence messages on the loss of our sweet kitty,  Miss Dottie.  We were able to bring her ashes home last week and she is now on the shelf with several other of our beloved kitties.  It meant a lot to us to know so many cared and understood how hard it was to lose her.

So today I'm trying to get back into posting a little more often.  It has become very hard to blog in the last couple of years being a full time caregiver of my mom.  She has good days & bad days and sometimes it is overwhelming but we are managing.

I'm just sharing a few random photos today.

 Some of our spring flowers and an Easter chick to make you smile.

The neighbors flowering trees.

 A new recipe I tried.  You can find it here, (Biscuit and Gravy Casserole.)   It was delicious.

See you all soon (I hope) with another post.


  1. It is so good to hear from you, and see these uplifting photos! Your header is beautiful. Are those pink flowers on the left Primroses? Your little chick is adorable! Please take care of yourself, caregiving is such a hard and full time job.

  2. yum on that casserole! sweet little chick in the pic too.... good to see you hear, prayers for your family and your mother

  3. It's hard to care for a parent. I so remember. Take some time for you if you can.

    Have a great day and week, Ida. ♥

  4. Nice to see some signs of Spring ! Where we are (NE Ohio) there's not much blooming yet but crocuses.

  5. I've been finding it difficult to blog lately. There just is nothing going on. I go to work I come home and do it all over again the next day. Love those spring flowers and that cute chick.

  6. That Easter Chick is so cute! Hey, our Dad loves biscuits and gravy so I'm sure he would like that casserole! Stay safe, healthy and virus-free.

  7. It's nice that spring is appearing in your area.

  8. Thank you for continuing to post great stuff!

  9. Lovely photos! I'm very sorry to hear about Miss Dottie. It's always hard to say goodbye to a fur baby.

  10. I am not sure what I am more excited about - the adorable chick or the biscuit and gravy casserole. Ok, I have to be honest - the casserole! Stay well.

  11. Oh I didn't know you lost your sweet kitty...I am so so so sorry. What a sad time. What a pretty little kitty she was, I just loved the pictures of her. Bless her heart, she loved you so much. So sorry for your loss.

  12. So very glad you are blogging again! The biscuit casserole looks simply amazing! Have a grand week!

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  15. So sorry to hear about Miss Dottie! It breaks our heart to lose a member of the family! Beautiful time of year with the daffodils and hyacinth in bloom! The casserole looks delicious! I can imagine it must be very difficult to be caregiver for your mother, and try to keep up with blogging. Only do what you can! Many blessings to you Ida!


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