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Thursday, December 30, 2021

I hate winter!


What a way to close out the year.  It's not looking good for the start of 2022 either.  


  1. I don't live in snow country and I'm happy about that. It's cold here, but it doesn't snow. I'm more of a tropical weather kind of gal.

    Have a fabulous day and a happy New Year, Ida. Stay warm. ♥

  2. Oh gosh! Let us know how much you got.

  3. sorry, stay safe and don't go out unless you have to

  4. Oh yuck. I'm so sorry. Looks like you have quite a bit already. We had snow the other day but it's all gone now.

  5. Ida - sorry you do not like snow ... I do understand that it can cause major inconveniences! Hopefully it gets better for you soon! Happy New Year!

  6. Stay warm and safe. I am hoping we get some snow this year.

  7. It's pretty there. If you're in Walla Walla, it's good because it's flat. Here in the greater Puget Sound area, snow is a major nightmare.
    I have stories of 2 and 3 hour drives from home.
    I love to ski and loved to sled as a youngster, I remember sledding down the hill at either Wildwood or Pioneer Park. Also, when I lived on Leonard Street, sledding down the cemetery hill.

  8. i love the snow (sorry)!! i enjoyed the one stays home there when it snows. i like to hunker down!!


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