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Monday, February 26, 2024

Around the block

 Went for a walk around the block the other day.  Saw some stuff, took pictures with my phone.  Decided I'd rather take pictures with my camera.  Got home, got the camera and walked back around the block.

Fungi and an old rusty pipe. (almost typed, pie) - Rusty pie doesn't sound very good.

Little snowdrop flowers blooming in someone's yard.

Seed pods on a tree and the road behind it.

This wasn't around the block but I thought I'd sneak it in anyway.

This is our old boy,   Harley J.  He turns 16 in May.


  1. Purrs to Harley! Spring is coming !

  2. Awesome pictures. I love the snowdrops. Harley J is a cutie.

  3. Harley is gorgeous and looks oh so sweet. I love what the zoom does to flowers and smaller things. the thing about the cell we have to let our feet/legs be the zoom and walk really close, it works great, but you can't be walking up close to people flowers in their yard, but can zoom in.. i read an article about taking cell pics and he said zooms on cameras do not work well, we need to use our feet to zoom


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