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Friday, February 27, 2015

Random 5 Friday Returns and Willy Nilly Friday 5


Today I am joining Nancy (A Rural Journal) for the return of her meme, RANDOM 5 FRIDAY - It's so good to have Nancy back blogging again.  I hope you will pop by and say hello.

I'll also be joining Tanya (Around Roanoke) for her meme,  WILLY-NILLY FRIDAY 5

So you will be getting double the fun here today.


1.  First off I need to let you all know that my hubby had to return to the hospital yesterday.  Which is why I never got around to finishing up visiting all the  Good Fences posts. -  He ended up having to undergo an Angiogram with the possibility of having a Stent put in.  The outcome showed he has good function with the arteries on the left side of his heart but that the right side was blocked to the point they could not insert a stent.  One good thing they told us is that the arteries on his left side are trying to by-pass on their own for the ones on the blocked right side. I hope this all makes sense to you as it was rather confusing to me.  He will need to of course be on medication now and will see the Cardiologist as schedule on Monday for further information on his condition and what can be done about it.

                                 Cuddles enjoying some afternoon sunshine.

2. Sitting around in hospital waiting rooms is boring.  Thank goodness I took a book with me and it was decent reading.  The only thing that bugged me while I was waiting was the older volunteer sitting at the waiting area desk munching on potato chips.  I was already on edge and her crunching those chips was quite annoying. 

 A sign of of my poppy plants is up and looking might green.

3.  Coleen has had the past 2 days off from school for Conferences, what a bummer for her to have her Grandpa back in the hospital but she's done well handling it.  We were pleased that she had a great report from her teacher and is making good grades at school and gaining confidence in herself.

More signs of spring....My first daffodils to bloom.

4.  I so need to spend some time outside getting the weeds and leaves cleared out of the beds.  I've had other things though way more important then weeds to deal with so I'll get to it when I can.

 My from around the neighborhood "creepy" yard decor that I've spotted.

5.  I got pulled over on Wednesday.  Scared me to death as I was doing anything wrong.  I asked the officer,  "What did I do?"  -  He said, "Nothing, your driving is just fine.  I happened to notice though that it looks like your license tabs have expired." - I told him hubby usually takes care of that and he just gave me a warning and told me to get a hold of my hubby then and get the plates put on.  Whew!
More Random thoughts....

6.  I ended up going to the Dept. of Licensing to renew the tabs and we ended up having to get new plates.  The lady behind the desk was rather "rude" to me and that set me off.  I must admit I'm not normally rude back to people but I ended up saying something to her on my way out the door that wasn't very polite and I even slammed the door to the office.  I know childish but I'd already had a bad morning with getting pulled over and it just popped out of my mouth.

7.  I started watching The Amazing Race this week.  If you watch what do you think of the fact they paired up "random" couples to compete with each other on a sort of Blind Date race.  There were also 5 already dating couples.

          A fun means of transportation that went by our house last week.

8.  The weather has been decent here lately.  No rain or snow (hooray) and even a few nice sunny days.  Of course it's suppose to turn off cold this week and possibly even snow in the higher elevations.  That's good because the mountains could use the snow.  I just hope it stays in the higher elevations.

                Ducks enjoying some nice spring weather at the park.

9.  There is road construction on one of the main streets in town.  What a pain as it's hard to get around all the detours etc...but also it's good because there are tons of streets here in town that need major repair work.  Our street included.  It's like riding on a roller-coaster when you hit some of the bumps and such. 

10. We've been letting Eric (the cat) in at night for a couple of hours and have even let him in a few minutes with the other cats every now and then.  He likes coming in but is unsure of all our other cats.  So far the most they've done is hiss at him and then he wants right back out.  We hope to someday have him come in on a more regular basis.

                                  Our Callie-Jo looking rather "goofy"

Enjoy your weekend.  I'm off to the hospital to check in on hubby.  Hopefully he gets to come home today.

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Good Fences #49

Hello Friends.  -  Before I share this weeks Good Fences post I'd like to thank each and everyone that sent up prayers and well wishes for my husband.  -  He's been back at work this week and seems to be doing fine although this morning he was complaining a bit about having some mild discomfort in his chest.  He's seeing a doctor this morning so he'll be able to talk to him about that while he's there and he has his appointment with the Cardiologist scheduled for Monday.  I truly appreciate your support and prayers.  It means a lot to both of us.

Now let's join Theresa (The Run-a-round Ranch Report) for GOOD FENCES

When Coleen and I walked up to the park last week I spotted this rather weathered picket fence in need of a new coat of paint.  I stopped and snapped a couple of pictures of it. 

After I uploaded them I noticed something on one of the wrungs that made me laugh.  Did anyone spot it in the picture above?

How about now? 

Give up?.....okay here's a close up of the post I'm talking about.

Doesn't it seem to be sad that it's paint job is in dire need of....well a "New Fresh Coat of Paint!"

Have a great day and thanks for stopping by.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Art Supplies for Sale

I have a small set of Copic Markers that I would like to sell.

The set has 24 Copic Sketch Markers and a case.  (See photos).
Current price of Copic Markers on their web site is, 7.99 each. That would be,  $191.00 for this set.

I'm offering this set for only $75 plus shipping.  That's a savings of over $116.

I am also trying to sell a set of Watercolor Crayons (Caran D'Ache of Switzerland) Neocolor II Watersoluble Crayons.

Retail Value is $283.00 -  I am selling for only $120.00 plus shipping.
Note you can make an offer on these as well.


If you know of anyone who might be interested in either of these items pass this information on.

Contact me via my e-mail if you have an further questions.

Monday, February 23, 2015

Life Event

                                                  Daffodils - 2014

Hello friends.  This past weekend a "life event" happened here and I wasn't able to get around to your blogs to comment.

Friday morning my hubby came home for a cup of coffee and told me that he'd been having some chest pain problems at work on Thursday and woke up Thursday night with it still bothering him.  He asked me to call a doctor about it and when I did they told me to get him to the ER as soon as possible.

I took him over around noon on Friday and they did an EKG and Blood Work on him.  The EKG reading was pretty normal.  His heart rate and blood pressure were quite high so they gave him medication for that and when the blood results came back they told us that he had had a "mild" heart attack.  He was admitted to the hospital and spent the weekend there.  They released him to come home yesterday and believe it or not he is back to work today. 

The Echocardiogram they did on him at the hosptial showed that his heart muscles is working fine and did not show any major damage to the heart.  However they want him to see a Cardiologist for further testing.

Today I have been busy making appointments for him to see a new Primary Care Doctor and the Cardiologist.  Plus getting his medications for him and making sure he isn't over doing things at work by calling him to see how he is feeling.

Prayers would be appreciated as we deal with this situation.  In the mean time I will post as I can and will try my best to visit and comment on your blogs as time allows.  Thanks for your understanding.

Friday, February 20, 2015

It's Friday and time for some fun!

Welcome.  There is a lot going on in this post today.  I hope you enjoy it and have fun.


1. It was nice out this week so Coleen and I took a walk to the park.  We spotted these on one of the trees....

I feel the arrival of spring is a little closer now.

2.  Since it was nice out this week I decided to do a little yard work.  I cleared a bunch of leaves from my front flower bed and my mom's.  We don't have trees but we get all the leaves from a neighbor down the street who "never" rakes their leaves in the fall.  Anyway my muscles were so sore yesterday from bending over and squatting down picking up the leaves. It even hurt to sit in a chair.

Flowers from someone's yard while we were on our walk.  Looks like they need to do some yard work too.

3.  Well I've decided not to send in my camera for repairs after all.  Last week the USB port broke on it and I contacted a company about repairing it.  I can't afford the cost of the repairs and I realized I could just take the memory card out and put it in another camera and download my photos that way.  Works for me!

4.  Our cat Snickers likes to drink water from a dripping faucet, usually the sink but sometimes the bathtub.  I turned the spout of the bathtub on yesterday and after she started drinking I called her name and snapped this drippy shot of her.  She loves drinking this way and doesn't seem to mind being soppy wet afterwards.

This shot is also joining in on FELINE FRIDAY hosted by Steve from the Burnt Food Dude.

5.  I bought a new coffee mug this week.  I was looking for a mug to send to someone for a Mug Exchange and found one that I just couldn't resist gettting for myself.

Isn't that owl cute!  I love the colors, the owl and well just how whimsical this mug is. 

One more photo as I've been the last few weeks sharing a "creepy" photo from something I've spotted while out and about.

I think a Chinese Dragon stalking a Quail is a bit creepy, what do you think?

So now for more fun with memes.  Let's join Adrienne from My Memory Art for SIX WORD FRIDAYS  This week the word was,  Wing.

More cat fun can be found on FELINE ART over at Kittypartay.

Coleen enjoying a Garfield Cookie - Cartoonized on BeFunky.

Finally I am participating in Hillary's Meme: FOLLOW FRIDAY FOUR FILL-IN FUN.

The statements:
  1. ___is the ____
  2. Do you ___ on the weekends?
  3. ___ is my ____ comfort food
  4. ______ always makes me happy.
My Answers:

1.  Growing older is the "pits" at times.
2.  Do you stay in your pajamas on weekends?  I don't often do it but on occasion I have been known to spend all day Saturday in my robe.
3. Cheesecake (or any dessert) is my guilty comfort food.  I feel guilty only because I know I shouldn't be indulging but it tastes so good I don't care.
4. Petting my cats always makes me happy.