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Friday, August 22, 2014

Hooray for Friday

Hello Everyone.  It feels so good to be back blogging again.  I want to thank everyone that stopped by and left comments about the wedding.  Also for your patience with me during my blog break in preparation for the wedding.  I missed you all and am very happy to be back blogging again.

Today I thought I would try out a couple of new (to me) memes that I found.  Feline Friday hosted by Steve (Burnt Food Dude).  This is my first time visiting his blog (but not my last).

Our newest cat, Spooky-boo hiding under a towel on the bathroom floor.


I also discovered this meme:  Feline Art hosted by Julie (Kitty Par-Tay)

For my piece today I went simple.  I took the above photo, used the Posterize feature on Pic Monkey, a Circle Frame and Photo corners and came up with this:

Also joining  Hilary (Feeling Beachie) for Follow Friday for Fill-In Fun.

The statements:
  1. 1. ___ is my least ____
  2. 2. When I was ___ I thought _____
  3. 3. My worst subject in high school was ___
  4. 4. I write best ____.
My answers:

1.  Winter is my least favorite season (I never look forward to it.)

2.  When I was little  I thought you could taste rain so I licked the sidewalk.  It's not very tasty!

3. My worst subject in High School was  Math.  Not just High School but through out college too.

4.  I write best when no one is around to interrupt me.

Wishing everyone a great weekend.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Wedding Day (Yes, I survived!)

It's over,  Hip, Hip, Hooray!!!

We married her off on Saturday.  -  I had my camera there but didn't take many pictures (just so much other stuff going on).  They had a photographer so when those pictures come back I'll share them with you all.  In the mean time here are the few I took.

The Wedding Arch decorated with sunflowers.

Sunflower bouquets border both sides of the arch way.

Greta's bouquet - The ring tied to the flowers was my dad's ring and she used it for her something Old and something Borrowed.  It made me feel as if he was there too.

Coleen (her mommy's Maid of Honor) holding her mom's bouquet.

Mckenzie and Coleen

Reciting the vows.  Kelly was so nervous that he barely looked at Greta during the vows.

The kiss! -  At the rehearsal they just gave each other a quick peck on the lips and Coleen shouted out,  "Kiss longer at the wedding!"  -  They did.

The Newlyweds:  Kelly & Greta Hinkley

The wedding party:  Mckenzie, (Kelly's daughter) who was the Flower Girl
Coleen, The Maid of Honor,  Hunter (Kelly's son, in the hat) was the Best Man and Tyler (Grooms Nephew) served as Ring Bearer.

Guess the Best Man didn't get much sleep the night before! 

The cake before we brought it outside to be cut.

Cutting the cake

Feeding each other.

The bride and her dad with the Harley!

It was a gorgeous day,  about 88 outside (very warm) but we had shade and fans and yet I got sunburnt.

It was a wonderful wedding but I'm so thankful it's over and everyone has gone home and the house is once again quiet.  I'll be back blogging on a regular basis very soon.

Thanks for letting me share this special day with you all.

Friday, August 8, 2014

It's Getting Closer

Hello all!  We are on the final countdown.  One week to go and then the wedding will be over!  -  Don't get me wrong it's been fun planning but also a lot of work and I'm just ready for life to get back to normal.  I miss blogging.

Anyway here are a few "Fun" things.

A Child Bride: 

Coleen wants to wear Grandma's wedding dress and veil someday.  It actually fits her (somewhat) other then being very long and a tad loose but she loves the dress and headpiece.  The veil is ripped so would need replacing but I'd be honored to see her in this someday.  Hopefully well into the future since she's only 9!

Grandpa Bride:

Grandpa was being (silly) and tried on a veil that we had here (Greta opted for a different one) and was "grooming" his beard and hamming it up for the camera.  This made Coleen laugh (me too!).  Isn't he "loverly."

Some actually wedding stuff:

The wedding fans I've made because it's going to be HOT on the 16th.  Right now the forecast is saying 97 with a 10% chance of rain.  That could change in the next few days but at least we are prepared incase it stays hot outside.  This has been the hottest summer here in 30 years!

Lots to do next week so I probably won't be blogging much but I did want to check in and say hi. 

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Camera Critters and Shadow Shot Sunday2

Hello Everyone.  My gosh I wish this summer wasn't so busy because I've so missed visiting with all of you.  I try to pop in at least once a week to see what you are all up to.  I do hope you won't give up on me because I promise I'll be back to regular blogging after the Wedding is over.

This past week we had company from Monday-Friday morning.  My Mother-in-law, and Sister-in-law and Great Nieces were here visiting as they moved from Idaho to S. Dakota.  Needless to say most of the week was spent visiting with them which left little time for blogging. 

Anyway I thought I would join in on Camera Critters and Shadow Shot Sunday2 with this photo I managed to take this week.

Click to enlarge photos.

I spotted our cat, Harley sitting in the window in the afternoon and loved the combination of his shadow with the Sun Hanger and water bottle outside.

And here he is this morning enjoying some sunshine from my Craft/Computer Room.  (aka - The Office).

I hope to visit a few blogs today and throughout the week.  It's VBS (Vacation Bible School) this coming week though and I've been asked to take pictures during the week so I'm not sure how much blogging I'll get done yet again.

Take care & know that I am still around and miss you all.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

A Day of Rest

Hoping you all have a day of Blessing & Rest.