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Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday Fun - September 19, 2014

Hooray for Friday!


1.  My camera is home!!! - Of course I had to test out a sky shot to see if they had cleared up the "spots" I was getting whenever I took photo's of the sky.

No spots but this was a rather neat looking night sky shot.  I like the wispy look of the clouds and the dark smoky cloud.

2.  Signs of Autumn are showing up now.  You see those trees in the middle of the above photo.  Here is a view of them during the day.

I love fall and all the colors of the trees as they change seasons.  I can't wait to get out and capture more of their beauty.

3.  You know I just can't pass up a chance to share a "cat" photo with you.
This morning (Ghost) was out and about and decided to climb my mom's lilac tree.  I snapped this quick shot of him before he jumped back down.

4.  It's fun to find something unexpected to take photos of like this lovely Morning Glory that I happened upon this morning while taking a little photo walk after dropping Coleen off at school.

Of course when I saw it I was immediately reminded of Debbie (It's All About Purple)  since we all know what her favorite color is.

5. A friend sent me a link this week with BW pictures that have been colorized.  I found it really fascinating to see how different history looks in color.  You can check it out HERE:  One of my favorites was the one of Joan Crawford - It's #18 in the list.

Just for fun here is a BW photo that I took recently. 

Now let's join Hilary (Feeling Beachie) for FOLLOW FRIDAY FOR FILL-IN FUN.
The statements:
  1. I am ____
  2. I don’t like to ___ alone
  3. Would you_____ if you could?
  4. Cooking with____is something to be _____

My answers: 1. I am tired already today.  Hubby wasn't feeling well (bad cold) so he sort of kept me up coughing and such during the night.

2.  I don't like to watch scary movies alone.  I watched Fatal Attraction by myself once and vowed never again to watch a suspense or scary movie alone again. 

3.  Would you like to be younger again if you could?  I don't know as if I want to be younger again but perhaps older with less signs of aging.  Like "arthritis".

4.  Cooking with strange ingredients is something to be avoided.  I like to try new stuff but sometimes it doesn't always work out.  Once I tried Chorizo in a recipe and I thought it was horrible (really greasy) and another time I tried Okra and it looked so slimy that I couldn't even taste it and threw the stuff out.

Finally I'd like to join Adrienne (My Memory Art) For SIX WORD FRIDAYS where the theme this week was Fall.

                               Autumn Burns It's Lovely Golden Tones

                                   Etching Memories on my Heart;

                                     I  fall in love all over again.

                                            by Ida P. Krause ©

So that's it for this week.  It always takes me forever to get my Friday posts ready.  I actually wanted to write a poem for 6 Word Friday today.  I hope you liked what I came up with.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Good Fences - September 18, 2014

Hello & Welcome.

It's always a pleasure to join Theresa (The Run-a-Round Ranch Report) for GOOD FENCES.

Click to Enlarge Photos.

This week I am featuring this fence and it's accompanying vegetation.

These are Chinese Lantern Plants.  I've loved these plants since I was a little girl and my aunt grew them at her place.  I loved popping them open to see what was inside.  These grow on some property that is a few blocks away and I go every year to check them out.

Aren't they fun and colorful.  The red tones of the fence really look great with the bright orange fruit and the green leaves of the lantern plant.

Don't forget to stop by Theresa's blog and check out the other participants.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Rubbish Tuesday

I'm off to the bowling alley shortly but wanted to pop in and say hello & thank eveyrone who's visited, followed, commented etc...recently.  You are truly appreciated.

So today I'm joining in on Rubbish Tuesday (Rubbish by Roan) with this entry from the recent car show that I attended.

My favorite feature besides the old rusty horseshoes is the bucket in front.

Have a great day.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Scavenger Hunt Sunday - September 14, 2014

  Hello.  I hope you all had a great week.  It was a nice one here.  Enjoying some late summer weather with temps expected to be back in the 90's for a few days.

So this week I'm joining in with Ashley (Ramblings and Photos) for SCAVENGER HUNT SUNDAY .  The prompts were:  Stripes, Packed, Travel, Too Cute and Favorite.

Since my camera was off for repairs I had to do the hunt through my Archieved Photos this week.


How about "Stars and Stripes" - I took this shot when we attended the Charlie Daniel's concert.  Those weird black spots you see are crows flying past.


This was one of the old cars in the Car Show we attended last weekend.  I loved all the bags and such packed on top the van.


We don't often get to travel during the summer but on occasion we take a short drive (that counts as travel doesn't it) someplace close by.  Early in May of this year Coleen, my mom & I drove up to Tollgate one day.  We were surprised to find that the lake was still iced over.  What was even weirder was that it was only 50 degrees up there but down in the valley which is only about 1/2 hours drive away it was in the 70's.


Watching our newest cat, Spooky-boo playing with a spinning top of Coleen's was just too cute.


I recently took pictures of sunflowers at Coleen's school (see my Good Fences entry this past week) and this was my favorite photo of the sunflowers. 

So that's it for this hunt. -  I hope you enjoyed your stay and will check out the other participants as well.

Good News:  My camera has been repaired and is on it's way back home!!!

Friday, September 12, 2014

Friday Fun

Hello & Happy Friday! 

Let's have some fun today.

First Six Word Friday - Hosted by Adrienne from My Memory Art.
This weeks theme:  Sing.

How about some Feline Fun - Joining Steve from The Burnt Food Dude for Feline Friday.

This is one of our cats, Callie-Jo.  I was washing the sheets and found her on the bed like this when I went into the room.  I went and got my camera really fast and snapped this shot of her.  One of her nicknames is, "Wonky Cat" because she has the silliest looking face and this proves it.

Next let's head over to Tanya's blog (Around Roanoke) for Willy-Nilly Friday 5

1.  Good News....My new Son-in-law got a job!  He's working for a Truss company obvisouly building Trusses.  He started Wednesday.

2.  I finally got my camera sent off for repairs this week.  I can track it's progress and it arrived this morning at the place that is going to look at it to see if they can fix it.  In the mean time I tried taking some photos with my old Point-n-Shoot camera.  Boy am I "rusty" using it. Lots of very blurred shots.   Not having my camera makes me feel like this....

This by the way is one of Coleen's stuffed toys.  It's a Lobster that I bought for her.  Doesn't he make you laugh!

3. Just wanted to share another photo from last weeks Car show.  There weren't just cars there as there were a few bikes there as well.  I liked this one.

4. Do you ever just share a photo for no other reason then you just like how it turned out.  Well that's what this one is for.

There is just something about the pretty blue sky and these huge leaves that I find appealing.  I hope you do as well.

5.  Today is my daughter's 30th birthday.  No photos though since the camera isn't here to document the event.  Bummer!  So I guess I should follow the advice I found on the back of one of the cars at last weeks Car Show.

This is good advice for anyone who is unhappy about , their job, their family, their country and life in general.

Finally joining Hilary for Follow Friday for Fill-In Fun

The Statements:

The statements:
  1. The beach is _____
  2. Smartphones are ____
  3. I like to ____
  4. My dream ______________ would be _____________
My Answers:

1.  The beach is way to far away for me to visit very often.  It's atleast a 5-6 hour drive to the nearest beach. 

2.  Smartphones are taking over people's brains.  Seriously no one seems to be able to think on their own or do anything without their phones now days.  It's really sad in my opinion to see people not talking to each other but rather playing on their phones.

3.  I like to blog and take lots of pictures.

4.  My dream vacation would be a trip to Ireland.

Have a super great weekend.