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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Tuesday "Tidbits"

Hi, Time for a Tuesday "Tidbits" - First up on Sunday Coleen went on her first "Date" okay so it was with her, Grandpa but she was super excited about it and even had to wear her (blue) hair because that's Grandpa's favorite color. Funny thing was that she had decided (without Grandpa's knowledge) that they were first going to dinner at a restaurant and then to the movies. Grandpa said, "Typical Woman" when he found this information out. He didn't have time to take her to dinner before the movie but they shared Chocolate Pudding after their movie date and she was perfectly happy. She looks a bit "spaced" in the picture but I didn't have time to snap a better one as they only had about 10 minutes to make it to the movie theater before the show started. They say, Planet 51 and she seemed to think it was pretty funny.

Thought I would also give you an update on Harley. It's been 1 week now since his surgery and he seems to be doing fine. He got to start eating hard cat food again last night and was pretty excited about that. He's getting around really well and we opted to only give him the Pain medication one night as it just madehim far to loopy. He's picture here with our newest addition, Captain "Cuddles" and the two are pretty good buddies most of the time.

Today was Bowling so I thought I present my scores: 161 (110 - skip that ugly game) and 158 - My current average is 147 this year, a little below last years 154 but I still have until March before the season ends so it may improve.

Not much else to report right now. I'll be watching the Finale of Dancing With The Stars tonight and taping, (So You Think You Can Dance) - If you watch both shows which is your favorite?

Till next time take care & God Bless


  1. So glad that Coleen and her Grandpa had a great time at the first "Date"! ;) Coleen looks so amazing with the blue hair, like a little mermaid!
    And your kitties are the cutest!!!
    As for the shows, I didn't watch these onaes, but I did watch "Project Runway".
    Thank you so much for sharing all of the pictures!

  2. Ah, Coleen and her grandpa look so cute together. Those cats are adorable!!! I sure miss my Sparky.


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