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Sunday, April 17, 2011

Coleen's Baptism

Today was a very "special" day as our Granddaughter, Coleen was baptized.  For some weird reason I was not able to get the video on my camera but thankfully her mommy got one off her phone. 

We rejoice in the fact that Coleen chose to be baptized and has a wonderful faith in Jesus at such a young age.

Please watch and celebrate with us as you watch her baptism. 


  1. What a beautiful day for you, Coleen, and the rest of your family! Many blessings! :D

  2. May God Bless Colleen at this special time!

  3. How awesome is that! Congratulations and may God continue to bless Colleen! What a beautiful testament to him. Love that full body baptism.

  4. how wonderful to see the baptism -thanks for sharing it with us ida-it's so wonderful that hear of her faith in Jesus


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