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Thursday, April 21, 2011

What Not to Feed Your Dog and a Cricket Video

Sunday morning right before church Cricket got a hold of Coleen's Super ball and chewed it up.  Naturally I was upset and concerned since I knew this kind of thing might cause problems so I called the on-call Vet right away and talked to her about the situation.

She advised me to just keep an eye on Cricket that she might have loose stools or vomit and if she started vomiting excessively to bring her in right away. She seemed okay all day on Sunday so we thought things were going to be fine.

Cricket seemed fine for most of the day on Monday but towards evening she started having the "runs" and was rather listless and not wanting to eat or drink anything. That evening she upchucked all over Coleen's back pack and had very watery and runny stools that showed traces of blood as well. (Sorry for the graphic description).  I got up every 2-3 hours during the night to check on her and got her to lick water off my fingers but she wouldn't eat.   

 Tuesday morning arrived and she gobbled up her food and was happy go-lucky so we figured she was getting better.  I called our regular vet and she suggested just keeping an eye on her and if her condition got worse to bring her in right away.  Cricket seemed fine again for most of the day but by evening was having the "runs" with a lot more blood in them.  So once again I spent a restless night checking in on her every few hours.  We decided then to take her in on Wednesday morning just to make sure nothing serious was going on.

She was bouncy and happy yesterday morning and eating again when I took her to the Vet.  She talked it over with me and since Cricket was going to the bathroom she didn't feel that she had a blockage and instead gave us Antibiotics to give her, some fluids to keep her hydrated and an antacid to help calm her stomach down.

I am happy to report that as of today she is doing much better and is showing no more signs of bloody stools and I think she has gotten all that nasty ball out of her system.

I took this video of her and one of our cats, Harley yesterday morning right before I took her in to the Vet so you can see she was feeling pretty chipper and was probably on the mend but it never hurts to make sure they are checked out.


  1. Cricket is so sweet- and you wouldn't guess she only has 3 legs she is so springy and such a tease with your cats- she wants someone to play with her- glad to hear yo have got over another trial with her. Happy Easter.

  2. Gosh, Harley is bigger than Cricket! He sure is a beautiful, not to mention patient, cat. Cricket sure does have a time of it. I'm glad to hear she's doing okay after the ball chewing incident. She sure is a cutie pie! You must have so much fun with her. I just love her spirit!


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