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Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Cooking Demonstration

Just a little background first before you view the video.
Coleen was using her imagination the other day and had decided to put on a cooking demonstration.  I was to be her photograhper and take pictures of her every time she said, "Step 1, Step 2 etc...") - Instead of taking pictures I decided to film her and as you will hear in the Video I did not follow instructions! - Also the outfit she is wearing is a Dress-Up outfit that my mom (Granny) made for her.  It was a hat and a cape but she used the cape as an apron.  Enjoy and try not to laugh to hard!


  1. Absolutely adorable! Did you take the pictures too?! I love her sweet outfit...the little hat is perfect!

  2. Darling demonstration- love step 4- eating the grapes- such a cute outfit.

  3. she is just too cute ida-and her cooking outfit fit her to a "t"


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