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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Butterfly Dreams

I happened upon a photo of a butterfly on this blog (Within My Focus) and immediately realized that I had some photo's of the exact same butterfly.  I thought why not share them so without further ado here they are: 

This was just after it had landed on the flower.

This shot my Granddaughter, Coleen took.  We were hoping to get a photo with it's wings open but at this point it wasn't cooperating much.

Getting Closer at this point.

Success at last!

I don't know the type of butterfly either but it's a lovely one none the less and I hope you've enjoyed these photo's.  Thanks Evelyn for inspiring me to share mine.

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  1. Ida...I think this is the same butterfly that I photographed! They were all over the place that morning...and someone who had been huckleberrying in the mountains said the butterflies were thick there. Love that second photo, especially.


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