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Friday, April 6, 2012

Freaky Friday - What season is this?

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I just couldn't  resist sharing a how our morning started out here.

No words are needed for this short video. -
When it snows what do you do if you're a little kid home on Spring Break?
You build a Snowman!

Meet, "Joe" the Snowman

 He needs a hat so Coleen shared hers (for awhile).

Joe is starting to lean...

Joe has "fallen" and he can't get up! Poor Joe.

Oh what season is this again?

Ahhhh SPRING, Daffodils and Sunshine (not so much here lately)!


  1. What a beautiful portraits, has the face of great happiness. That pretty.

  2. The weather this spring has been surprising everyone! What a contrast snow and jonquils!! Your daughter is so pretty! Love her snowman!!

  3. I love the snowman- so cute!
    And the last shot is too funny-- daffodils and snow- who would have thought!

  4. What a fun snow day, Coleen sure is having a ball or three! Poor Joe.


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