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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

"Whatever" Wednesday - The Park Adventure continued...

Happy Wednesday everyone.  It's a lovely day here (it's not raining!).  I'm going to revisit the Park again in today's "whatever" Wednesday feature.  If you recall I did an edition of WW with Peacock's HERE but I took a lot of pictures that day that I haven't shared so I thought I'd share some of those today.

First up a couple of pictures of a rather unusual visitor at the park.  Normally you see people walking their dogs through the park but how about....a Cat!

A gal had her cat with her on a lease.  His name was I believe, Koda and she said he just loved visiting the park. 
Of course with all those birds enclosed in the Aviary he was very interested in watching them.

 I snapped this next picture a little later as we caught up with them again looking at some of the other birds.

Do you think this Duck was one of the birds he was watching so intently? - Coleen like the colors of this one.

Later on in the visit Coleen was excited to spot some Bunnies in the bird enclosure where the Peacocks were so snapped a couple of shots of them as well.  These bunnies look (well fed) from the size of them.
Lastly here's a picture of my little granddaughter, Coleen and our dog Cricket, enjoying their trip to the park.

Hope you have enjoyed our little visit to the park.  - Enjoy the rest of your week.


  1. I've heard of people walking cats, but never seen it done. My word the rabbit is huge!

  2. Those are some really well fed bunnies!! Lovely pictures of a lovely day at the park!!

  3. Lovely photos of your visit to the park, Ida -- love little Colleen with her dog. So cute! :)

  4. Love the black cat pictures, at first I thought that was two bunnies huddled together, it wasn't until the second picture I realized that was one HUGE rabbit. Coleen and Cricket look like they are having a great day. Fun trip to the park.

  5. Delicious and bright pictures, I like them all. Saludos.


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