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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday - January 20, 2013

What a week it's been.  It started out early Monday morning with our phoning ringing at 3:30 am and all I could get was static on the phone.  Turns out our phone line was having issues and in fact was randomly dialing 911 as we ended up with 3 different visits from the Police to find out if everything was okay.  After NINE phone calls to the phone company we finally had service restored late Tuesday afternoon.

There were back to back birthday celebrations on Friday and Saturday for my mom and my granddaughter, a very sick kitty that had to be taken to the vet, and of course daily living.  So what's the point you might ask?  Well with all that going on I didn't have time to take many pictures so I was going to skip the Scavenger Hunt this week.  Then I decided to just "hunt" for photos from the archives that fit the prompts.  So that is what you get this week.

Come join me over on Ashley's blog for Scavenger Hunt Sunday

The prompts this week were:  Basket, Park, Auto, Recycle and People Watching.

BASKET:  The basket my mom keeps her dog Rusty's biscuits in.  He gets one every night when she brings him inside.

PARK:  This one isn't all that old as I at least took it this month.  I happened to have my new camera with me and snapped this picture out the window as my husband was driving past our local park.

I find it amusing that they were trying to sled down the hill.  We had maybe about 1/2" of snow at the most (our first of the winter) and they had sleds with them.  Silly people.

AUTO:  Again a not so old photo and also snapped out the window of the van.

RECYCLE:  This one had me stumped until I remembered these fun metal sculptures made out of recycle tools (rake, hoe, etc...) that we saw on a drive late last fall.

PEOPLE WATCHING:  I intended to post this photo last year because I really liked it but somehow never got around to doing it.  Coleen and I had visited one of the parks and I came upon this scene of people doing various activities.  I really liked the guy serenading his lady on the guitar so I snapped a shot.

That's it for this week.  Please take some time to visit Ashley's blog and check out the other participants and thanks for stopping by.  Also please say a prayer for my kitty, Piglet (he's the stray we've been taking care of.) He got hurt and is now sick with a bad respiratory infection and is  being taken care of at our Vet's now. Hopefully he will recover but I'd still like prayers for him.  He's a sweet cat that really deserves a 2nd chance at a happy, healthy life.
It angers me that people just dumped him in our neighborhood and he's been left to fend for himself. 


  1. Great entries, Ida! I love that metal sculpture...very cool!

  2. WoW, what a week!! we had that 911 problem once also, 3 am. i'm not sure why it can't happen at 12 noon.

    recycle was awesome and i really like your people watching!!

    happy hunting!!

  3. I love your interpretations of the clues - and love that you did a scavenger hunt among your photo files - I did that too but didn't think to call it that. I have back surgery in November and I'm still on l limited activity and although I can get out and take photos I can't always go looking for the ones for the clues.

    Love the park, baseball, resting, singing, jogging - lots of people to watch.

  4. The archives served you well this week. Nice choices for each. The kids with the sleds is really cute (and totally something I would expect to see around here ... I've even seen them boogie-board on standing water on the golf course... desperate times calls for desperate measures.)

  5. Not a great thing when your phone dials 911 automatically!

  6. I liked the pictures, although they are of your photo file. ☺
    I especially liked the last one. This reminded me the summer

  7. Great set of photos - (and I said some prayers for your kitty - hope she is doing better). What a great recycled sculpture!

  8. I really like your people watching shot. What a variety of activity you caught in that one frame! BTW, I love your header with the kitty in it. What great shots! Is it new? Or am I just a moron and never noticed it...go ahead....tell me I"m a moron :)

  9. I love those sculptures. One day when I have a yard I plan to fill it with the animals created like that. Hope kitty gets well soon.

  10. Gorgeous Park picture, Ida. There is something beautiful about the stark leafless branches on the trees...

    Wonderful set!

  11. Great scavenger hunt - I love your depictions of the clues.

  12. I love that metal sculpture! It is really interesting!


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