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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday - May 12, 2013

Welcome to Scavenger Hunt Sunday

Before we get started on the hunt I want to wish all you "Mom's" out there a HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!  This week our neighbors cat, Fluffy (she's been featured on my blog several times) had her kittens.  So in honor of Mother's Day I'm sharing a couple of pictures of her and the kittens first.  They aren't the best photo's but they will have to do.  Click to Enlarge:

The Calico one is my favorite.  I wish we could take one of them but with 6 cats of our own adding another one is out of the question.

Now let's get started on the hunt.  This weeks prompts were:

Perspective, Golden, Bloom, Dark and Local.


While I was out at the local Community College getting another of the prompts I happened upon these awesome wind collages and captured this one.  I loved how the picture turned out so I searched for a suitable quote about perspective and added it to the photo.


The Dome (Gymnasium) of the college is indeed quite Golden:

BLOOM:  This was going to be my original shot for Golden but then I went with the college dome instead. 
This is a bloom from what is commonly known as a Golden Chain Tree.  This tree was loaded with blooms just like this and absolutely gorgeous.

My daughter bought some LED garden lights (flowers and dragonflies) and I went out after it got dark and snapped a photo of the dragonfly lights.

LOCAL:  This weekend a local event (39th Annual Hot Air Balloon Stampede) took place.  I snapped this shot of a few of the balloons as they went over our house this morning.

That's it for this weeks hunt.  I hope you have enjoyed your stay.  Be sure to pop on over to Ashley's blog now and check out the other participants.  Have a great day.


  1. The hot air balloons are a great find!

  2. Great set! Love perspective and golden. Happy week Ida!

  3. I have enjoyed your photos for this weeks hunt.. Well done.

  4. Bloom and perspective photos are colorful and lovely and I like all your photos !!!!

  5. Love perspective - great shot! Love the firefly, very cool!

    happy mother's day!

  6. Ida,

    Your yellow flower picture is my favorite this week.

    I also like the quote for your perspective picture.

  7. Ida,

    Your yellow flower picture is my favorite this morning.

    I also like the quote you used for perspective.

  8. This is a great set. The perspective shot is bright and has a fun feeling. The dark shot is lovely.

  9. Those dragonfly lights are so cute, and the picture is beautiful how you captured the glow.

  10. Calicos are one of my favorites too. I had two in my younger years.

    Love the perspective shot-how fun! We had a sand sculpture and wind sculpture contest yesterday but I could not go. :(

  11. Lovely set - your perspective shot is WAY cool!

  12. Lucky you! I love balloon festivals. There used to be one in the town I grew up in a few years back. Love your dark pic! All good this week. And congrats to your neighbor's cat. Happy Mother's Day to us all!

  13. Umm, WOW on that first photo! The colors are amazing! I hope all of Fluffy's kitties find good homes. I've got a soft spot for her.

  14. I love, love Perspective and your dragonfly light!
    Happy Mother's Day! :)

  15. Excellent, I like them all especially the sculpture of beautiful shapes and colors, nice photos!

  16. wow what beautiful images!

    i thoroughly enjoyed your post and photos.

    hope you had a great mother's day!


  17. Great pictures! Really liked the dragonfly light!
    And how cute is kitty family!

  18. Love Golden - those kittens are so sweet!

  19. what a great set!! perspective is def my favorite but they are all awesome!!

    the hubs and i had a hot air balloon ride and it was amazing. we always attend the local festival each year, it's always delightful!!

  20. Local and dark are my absolute favourites!


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