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Saturday, May 4, 2013

Scavenger Hunt Sunday - May 5, 2013

It's time to join in on the fun of Scavenger Hunt Sunday hosted by the lovely and talented Ashley Sisk (Ramblings and Photos).  Each week you get a list of 5 "prompts" to look for and photograph through out the week.  This weeks prompts were:

Background, Spotted or Dots, Weather, Motion and Sweet.

I was wondering what I would find for some of the prompts and found them in unexpected places and events that I attended with Coleen this week.
Click to enlarge photo's.

BACKGROUND:  Now this is a "loose" interpretation of this prompt but I like it.

The shade from our back fence provided just the right "background" to capture the sunlight on this dandelion and make it shine. 

SPOTTED or DOTS:   I was worried about this prompt until  I took Coleen to an art exhibit this morning.  She had a piece of artwork from school at the exhibit and when we got there we discovered that they had some arts & crafts for the kids to do while they were browsing around.  One was called,  "Dot Walla Walla" and featured a table with a bunch of cut out circles of patterned paper that the kids could glue together and then place on these long white cloth panels hanging from the wall.  This is a portion of one of those panels.

WEATHER:  After we left the art exhibit we went to several places to buy flowers.  The "weather" was perfect for buying and planting.

MOTION:  Friday the kids at Coleen's school put on a Cinco deMayo program and she was in one of the dances that the kids performed.  I hadn't planned on attending but was glad that I did.  The dances were great and I was able to capture some fun motion shots. You get 2 for this prompt.

These were the 1st graders doing the Fisherman's Dance.  I loved how the little girls were waving their dresses about.

I also caught Coleen in her dance and was excited to spot that I'd captured her just as her feet came off the floor in a little jump portion of the dance.

SWEET:  This one will surprise you.  I had planned to show a shot of the cupcake that I bought at the Art Exhibit this morning but then spotted something else on our walk back to the car.

It's a sign advertising our Walla Walla "Sweet" Onions and here they serve Sweet Onion Sausage Sandwiches and other items featuring the famous onions.  Oh my they are tasty & awesome on hamburgers too.  Check out their website : .

That's it for this weeks hunt.  Be sure to check out the other participants by visiting Ashley's blog. - Up next week: Perspective, Golden, Bloom, Dark, Local


  1. Your weather and motion are very good and beautiful photos !!! So sunny. It's raining in Finland :)

  2. Coleen is so cute in her dance costume. Your dandelion shot is perfect.

  3. Love those motion pictures! The walla walla onion shot is super great!

  4. "Background" may be a loose interpretation of the prompt, but it is my favorite. I'm a sucker for contrast and a blur in the background. Very nicely done.

  5. Your motion & background shots are my favorite this week.
    What a great series all around though!
    Happy week!

  6. Nice pics, great job on capturing your daughter in the air on the jump.

  7. Great selections for this week's challenge. Especially the onion!

  8. Ida,
    The dandelion picture is awesome! I always enjoy a good onion. Neat picture of the logo. Looks like you had a good time at the Cino de Mayo celebration.

  9. Your motion captures are stunning. Well done!

  10. Love your dandelion. I has one in my hunt this week too! The onion sign is pretty awesome too

  11. That dots shot is great and what a great idea at the exhibit. Like the motion shot too.

    Here we celebrate the other sweet onion-the vidalia.

  12. Oh, I sure love that dandelion shot! So happy to be seeing them again!

  13. Nice shots, Ida - Motion is sweet!

  14. fun shots this week, Ida. Love the "she's off her feet" shot of Coleen. Looks like you are having great spring weather!!

  15. this was a great set, all the images were perfect for the prompts!!

    thank goodness for colleen, she sure did save the shs and in my opinion had the BEST shot of the group. background was awesome as well, a close second!!


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