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Thursday, October 10, 2013

Random 5 Friday - October 11, 2013

Hey it's FRIDAY! -  What a great day to join in on the fun share with Nancy (A Rural Journal) called,  Random 5 Friday.


1.  This has been bugging me all week...Last Saturday I was in the park with Coleen and we saw a Bridal party arrive to have their pictures taken.  We wandered over nearby where I took a few pictures of Coleen.  Then I snapped a quick photo of the Bride & Groom and we sat down to watch.  I took one other picture of a squirrel in the tree above us when the Photographer came over and "politely" informed me that the Bridal party would like me to stop taking pictures as it was distracting them.  I didn't take any more photos and we left shortly after that but I was irritated that he had the nerve to ask me not to take pictures.  It's a PUBLIC park and I should have been able to take photo's of whatever I wanted.  What do you all think?  Here is the photo I took:  This is actually cropped so I was really not that close to them to start off with.

2.  I feed birds & squirrels.  This week the birds were out in record numbers along with the squirrels one morning.  I had, American Crows (very large black birds), Magpie's, Chickadee's and Mourning Doves.  I love those doves and have been trying to get a photo of them for ages.  This is the best I've ever gotten.  Taken through the living room window and again cropped for a better view.

3.  A funny thing happened that morning when I was putting out the seed for the birds.  A woman stopped across the street and called out to ask me what I was leaving out for the birds.  We chatted awhile and then she told me that her name was, Carolyn.  I said that would be easy to remember since I had a sister-in-law named, Carolyn.  I told her my name was Ida and would you believe she said,  "Guess what?  I have a sister-in-law named, Ida!  -  What are the chances of that happening.

4.  Coleen keeps me laughing with funny things she says.  Once this week she came in after playing with my mom's dog, Pixie and said,  "Pixie, Nurpled Me."  I asked what on earth she meant and she explained the Pixie bit her boob (aka nipple) hence the made up phrase Nurpled.

Today she was off from school for Conferences and after she got up I said, "Hey Coleen, you're late for school."  -  She looks at me and with that disgusted tone she gets she replied,  "Grandma there is no school today.  I may have slept late but I didn't sleep dumb!"

5.  We took a scenic drive in the afternoon on Thursday.  Went up over Scenic Loop and back down and then decided to take a road that I don't ever remember being on.  Well it turned into this very narrow, gravel road that wound way up a bunch of steep hills and then back down the valley.  We saw some great scenery along the way and had a fun time on the drive.
Here is one of the views we saw:

A view of the Walla Walla Valley - We were in Oregon where this view was taken.  If you enlarge this photo just past the white grain elevator in the middle of the photo you should see a white water tower and a bunch of white buildings.  That is the Washington State Penitentiary.  - Yes it's located in Walla Walla.  We had the choice of being the State Capitol or having the State Penitentiary (why didn't we choose the Capitol?) Oh wait I'm glad we didn't now.  Who would want to live where a bunch of not to say what I was really thinking!!!.


  1. Lovely photos, especially the view from the hill! Wow. Hmmm...I think you should have politely declined the photographer's request. It is a public park, after all. Nice shot you got there, though ;)

  2. Love the 'nurpled'. Too cute. And yes, the park is a public place...and photos ARE allowed by law. If they wanted privacy they could have had the police cordon off an area...or had their photo 'shoot' somewhere on private land!!!

  3. I think we used to buy walla walla onions is that possible in Canada? Your granddaughter is funny...I love new silly words, sometimes I'll make one because I cannot remember the correct one then pretend this is the word of my choice...gorgeous photos

  4. Your Coleen is a hoot! Laughed at her comments this a.m.

  5. The wedding picture is amazing! Love the view of the valley!

  6. Good morning Ida, I have had something similar happen...every year around Christmas we have a little festival in Galveston called 'Dickens on the Strand' and everyone (well most) dress in period costumes from the Victorian era and nearly everyone not only welcomes their photo being taken, but will stop for you if they see you have a camera. But there was this one girl in particular who was in her twenties walking with her mom and if they don't stop sometimes I will just ask if they mind I take their photo. Her mom said absolutely not. Which was so confusing because she was in public walking down a street. A little later the parade started and she was in it...and guess what? Every person with a phone or camera was shooting photos of this parade...makes no sense to me. I think if you don't want someone taking your photo you shouldn't be somewhere where everyone can see you.

    Your scenic shot is just beautiful!

  7. public park ... public photos. !!! Amazing about sharing the names. funny stories about your grand. they are so entertaining. i enjoy feeding the birds ... they get a buffet every morning! Have a lovely week.

  8. Magpies! My favorite bird. :)

    I would have been really irritated if someone told me that about taking pictures! I would have just kept taking them. If you are going to be that self-conscious, don't choose to have your wedding photos in a public area!

  9. Some people have a lot of nerve... that bride seems like a candidate for Bridezilla.

  10. Oh, my! I don't know how to respond to that story about the bridal party and their photographer. You're right ... public property is still public. They chose to use it in a private way but that doesn't give them squatters' rights. That's just my humble opinion.

  11. It is a beautiful picture of them but apparently you are to ask permission first.For any picture of people. I mean you have her back not her face but you can see him. He looks like a
    man from the army.

    I used to do that also with bride and groom and wedding party. In this day and age you have to ask the bride or groom or really anyone.Privacy code.

    I took pictures of an older couple also and it was not the face it was their backs. Or side view of then reading books. I thought great shots for quiet moments even in a park.

    My hubby said your lucky you never got stopped and fined #of dollars.Hubby dropped me off and he went to a store for 20 minutes.

    It is their right called Privacy

    that we are up against. With all that happens on the streets these days. People walking around you do not know. Stalking. You never know what they think. Even if we are ladies or men doing photographs. We are strangers to the public. I do not even do children. I mean that can be scary as I am sure the parents have warned them or even the parents beware. Especially someone taking pictures of them.

    In this day and age it is so restricted. I was at a public water front in my next town the other day.Picture taking like you. As it is nice to have subjects as well.(People)

    I was taking a picture of these two older couple sitting reading a book but they kept turning around at me and I thought in a minute they are going to approach me. They had real stern looks on their faces. Even though I gave them a nice smile. It was the back of them not their face. If they had asked me. Why do I do that. You dont even know us. Who are you to us. I had better have a quick answer. So I moved away quickly. I guess the groom would of thought the same. Who are you to us.What will you do with the pictures of us. Show on the website.

    So my huby said ask people before you click or the guy could of even grabbed my camera from me.

    It was a scary situation the other day.Not only you shared it on the blog. It is there privacy. That is what people know with people who take photos. My first take was pretty good but I move up behind then so it made them really uncomfortable.

    I guess I have to think if it was me in their position.Would I like to be picture taken from strangers.

    I know when I got married. I had people clicking pictures of my wedding party across the street and up on the driveway but that was way back in the 60's.I did not mine. In todays world. I may feel different.

    My hubby warns me even with my profile. Anyone can take a liking to your picture.
    Well he was right. Last week on Face book. A guy asked me to add him. He said he liked my picture and also my writings on my wall. I took a look at his profile. Here he was like 22 with him laying in a bathing suit oh is dock with a bottle of beer smiling. He wanted me to add him. So hubby was right.

    So I deleted him. Scary right.

    We know when we go into a site like facebook. We want to have security and I am one. So this is what it is all about. As one picture can spread viral by someone and it might of not been us to do it. Or it can get spread anywhere and words added to destroy an innocent person like myself.

    I dont want to bust your bubble.

    Others may not agree with me. My experience the other day. We so have to be careful.

    Have a great day my friend.

  12. i just like saying Walla Walla Valley. gives me the giggles. ( :
    gorgeous view. looks like you can see for miles & miles.

  13. First, wow! The person who asked you to stop taking photos my opinion....out of line. I probably would have looked around and then asked "Are you talking to me?"
    I enjoyed your post so much!
    Your meeting Carolyn!
    How crazy was that!!??!!
    I am a new follower of your blog!
    Have a lovely weekend.

  14. I'd be furious!
    In case you weren't aware - When in public spaces where you are lawfully present you have the right to photograph anything that is in plain view. People can be photographed if they are in public(without their consent) unless they have secluded themselves and can expect a reasonable degree of privacy which I don't believe this couple did. I'm afraid that photographer would have heard a piece of my mind if it had been me.
    Love Coleen's funny sayings especially the sleeping dumb one.
    I think your doves are either Eurasian-collared or ring-necked ones. Mourning doves do not have that black ring at the neck. :)
    Growing up there was an insane asylum in my hometown that has since been torn down. Can you imagine the looks when I told people where I was from?

  15. That is a sweet, secret, shot of the bride and groom.

  16. Oh I LOVE Walla Walla Valley it is so beautiful. B

  17. Well, I think it's rude that they asked you not to take photos in a public place. Ask Coleen if she will send me directions on how not to sleep stupid. lol. That's priceless.

  18. Hi, Ida, Thanks for your interesting post. My daughter is engaged and planning her wedding. We've talked about venues where she can have photos and not have people walking by. So probably that's what was happening. They wanted a private moment. Other wedding parties might welcome anyone to share in their joy. I'm learning that brides have definite ideas :) Have a wonderful weekend!

  19. Hi Ida

    Happy Random 5 Friday! Good job for getting a photo of the doves and fpr feeding the birds!
    Thanks for stopping by.

  20. I like your photo. I suspect it was the PHOTOGRAPHER who didn't want you taking photos. My daughter just got married,and our photographer was doing the same thing. On the other hand, on 10/10/10, I came upon a wedding and asked the couple if I could take their photo and they were happy to pose. Who knows.

  21. I agree with you that the park is public and you can do what you want. That was just rude. Love the little snippets of your day and the photo of the valley.

  22. hi sweet Ida :) you were right I've french tips I just didn't know how to say it in english. good to learn something new.

    we also feed doves and seagulls but thats just because we feed the street cats and the birds come steal the dry food. everyone is happy ;)

    have a great Sunday. xxo

  23. Beautiful scenery you found on that road. It's always fun to take new or the back roads as you never know what you will find.
    Thanks for visiting me and commenting today!

  24. I often wander upon a bridal party taking pictures, and I am usually very careful IF I snap one of the bride & groom...not sure why, I guess I feel like they are paying a pretty penny to have a professional take their photos and don't want some yo yo snapping away for free. That probably makes no sense whatsoever, but I am careful around brides & grooms. And I do understand your feelings. After all, you are right, it is a public place. Happy weekend, Ida. Hope you have a lovely one!!


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