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Friday, October 25, 2013

Random 5 Friday - Busy, Busy, Busy

Yes it's Friday (Hip, Hip, Hooray!) and so without further ado or fanfare let's join Nancy (A Rural Journal) for some Random 5 Friday facts.

#1- It's been a busy week.  Monday I had doctor's appointment in the morning and then took our van out to be looked at (more on that in fact 2).
In the afternoon as I was chatting next door with my mom we heard a loud cracking sound and my mom said, "Oh no an apple tree limb just fell."  We rush outside and sure enough the next door neighbors apple tree had a huge limb break and it fell on my mom's roof. 

Thankfully no lines were torn down, no holes in the roof, no broken windows.  Just scared the living day lights out of us.  They came over and cleaned everything up and we all had a nice visit while they worked at cleaning the mess up.

#2 - There are honest people in the world.  We have been having problems with our Van doors not always wanting to close when you use the automatic closing button on the key pad.  Sometimes they open back up and you actually have to force them shut.  The Service Repair man told me Monday that unless it was acting up "while I had the van there" (which it wasn't) they couldn't possibly figure out why it wasn't working and we'd basically be wasting close to $100 for them to tell us that if we had them look at it and it didn't malfunction at the time.  -  Guess we'll just live with the problem as it doesn't happen all the time and why waste extra money we don't have.

#3 - Monday we also took Coleen to the pumpkin patch to pick out pumpkins and get her annual Pumpkin Patch photo's taken.  It's so hard these days to get a good picture of her where she's not squinting or making a weird face.  I did capture this one though that I really like.

#4 - Bowling was decent this week!  (153-139-153) - I felt a lot better about that and enjoyed going out to lunch with the other ladies of the league as well.  Had my very first ever Fish Taco and I loved it!

#5 -   The remainder of the week was just as busy.  I had a Dental Appt. on Wednesday.  Oh goodie,  I get to have a Crown put in three weeks from now.  Thank goodness for Insurance as those things are expensive (even with Insurance).  -
 Got to go to Coffee with a Friend yesterday, we've been trying for 3 weeks now. 
Also been watching the PBR Bull Riding Finals which started Wednesday night.
 Need to finish weeding my flower beds and plant my bulbs today.  Busy times, but good ones.

That's it for this week.  Whew!!!


  1. I love your photography. I sounds like you had a week full of busyness.

    Mary-andering Creatively

    Mary-andering Among the Pages

  2. Coleen is very photogenic that is a beautiful photo. You certainly are a busy lady too bad about the crown but way to go in bowling:)
    Have a nice weekend. B

  3. Great pic of Coleen! I am truly impressed with your bowling scores. This comes from someone who has never broken 100.

  4. You've never had a fish taco!? Wow! I love those! Hope you're mom's house is all ship shape soon!

  5. My goodness, you sound busy! Glad no harm was done by the apple tree branch on your mom's house. That is a sweet photo of Coleen.

  6. That's a mighty big pumpkin Coleen picked out. That is one of the most beautiful photos I've seen of her yet! Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Coleen has a beautiful smile!!! {I hope I spelled her name correctly}

    We had an elm tree break over our roof once...and part of it came through the ceiling [interior] about scary.

    Glad to hear there was no damage to the house. Oh, and the mechanic WAS honest about the van situation. That is something these days.

  8. I enjoyed your 5! Lucky or blessed rather, that no damage for your mom.

    About your van and the doors shutting...have you tried finding a forum on line for your make of van and seeing if you can find an answer there. That is what my hubby does when we run into something we can't figure out.

  9. Sorry to hear about the broken branch, Ida. I would be scared too.
    Glad to hear you are enjoying bowling!
    Beautiful picture of Coleen!

  10. I LOVE FISH TACOS!!! I get them at Long John Silvers! I have made them at home, too.

  11. Wow -- you did have a busy week!

    I love Coleen's hair -- just had to say that. :)

  12. Great shots!
    I can only imagine the loud "thud" that huge branch must have made!!
    Must have gotten your heart thumping! :-D
    Coleen is lovely ... great smile!


  13. Glad you liked the fish taco...I usually order one when we go to a Mexican restaurant....My Randoms:

  14. Beautiful portrait with Pumpkins!

  15. Hi Ida, Coleen has such bright eyes and a warm smile. I've never had a fish taco. Glad you enjoyed bowling and lunch with the ladies and coffee out w/ a friend sounds nice too.
    So thankful your mom's home was not damaged when the limb fell.

  16. i think we are all very busy right now. trying to squeeze everything in before it's time to bunker down for winter!!

    you shared a beautiful picture of colleen!!


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