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Friday, February 19, 2016

Willy Nilly Friday 5 & Fun Friday Favorites, February 19, 2016

 Joining Tanya (Around Roanoke) and Cath (Cath @ Home) today for WILLY-NILLY FRIDAY FIVE and FUN FRIDAY FAVORITES

1.  Don't they look peaceful and sweet.  The one on the left is Miss Dottie and she is nearly 16 years old.  The one on the right is Harley.  He'll turn 8 in late April.

Well last Thursday evening they were anything but peaceful and sweet.  I was watching television when all of a sudden the female ran into the living room followed by the male who then proceed to viciously attack her.  I tried to get him off of her and he bit my arm and then cornered her and begin attacking her again.  I yelled for my granddaughter upstairs to come help and she also got bit by Harley but I was able to grab Dottie up and get her away from him.  We ended up having to keep them separated for 2 full days from each other.  What caused this strange bizarre behavior?  Well it's called,  Redirected Feline Agression.  You can read about it HERE: 
Let me tell you it's pretty scary when it happens.  Thankfully after a couple of days they settled back into their normal sweet selves again. 

2.  I went out to look for a few signs of spring the other day and spotted several of these Water Stridders (we call them water skippers) in the little stream just a few houses away from where we live.  Wikipedia has a lot of information on them that is quite interesting. 

3.  Coleen and I drove out past the area where we spotted the deer last year and low and behold there were a couple in a field.  We stopped to watch them and before long those two were joined by others.  These are White-Tail deer.  You can read more about them HERE:

This is one of the last shots I took of them before we left.  There are 8 deer in this photo.  Note the one on the far right....(taking a dump).  Just for fun here is my favorite Far Side Cartoon....

4.  On my walk the other day looking for fences I spotted this sweet scene:

A pair of Mallard Ducks in some shrubbery.  Another sign spring is on the way as I've seen several pairs of ducks or 2 males & a female together already this month.  These two were across the street from out local park which is home to lots of ducks and other birds.  Apparently you can find a political cartoon: Mallard Fillmore which features a mallard duck.  Is nothing sacred anymore!

5.  I spotted this fun little figurine while out on my walk as well.

I'm not sure what the purpose of the two stacked rocks on it's back is but it made for a fun photo subject.  If you like goats here are a few blogs you can visit to enjoy goat antics and such.

1. Green Eggs & Goats
2. Eden Hills
3. Baby Goats and Friends

Well that's it for this week.  I hope you've enjoyed your visit.  Have a great weekend.


  1. 31 Sleepy kitties
    #2 Walking on water
    #3 Deer aplenty
    #3b Sometimes I feel like I have a bullseye on my back
    #4 Sitting ducks
    #5 Carry a heavy load

  2. I can remember when I had two cats that occasionally they would go mad at each other, but I just thought they needed a break from being together. So, there's a name for it, I will have to read up on that. Love the ducks, we are seeing more and more lately now that spring seems to be rearing her head. Have a wonderful weekend xx

  3. Your photos are always so beautiful, my friend. I loved seeing the ducks and I smile to think spring is on its way.

    Also, Miss Dottie is simply precious! As I write this my Ebony is resting on my lap. Have a beautiful weekend. Hugs!

  4. I bet that was scary seeing the cats go crazy! Glad they've settled down! Loved the ducks in the shrubbery & the cartoon made me chuckle!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  5. like the goat. :) cute ducks and neat to see the deer! sorry about the cat fight!

  6. that had to be really scary, the cat fight i mean. we have had dog fights and it was terrifying. glad they are ok ow. love the goat. i am thinking someone put the rocks there because they could.. poor deer with the birth mark. to funny

  7. Love the picture of the sleeping cats. They look so peaceful.

  8. This is a great collection. I adore that goat figurine. How cute.

  9. Oh, Ida...I have never experience the aggression thing with the cats and hope I never do!

    I sure enjoyed your random five...I was going to do it but have a cold and didn't know if I would feel like visiting.

  10. Great shots out and about. I am intrigued by the stones- that's interesting if it means something, or not. I, too am looking for signs of spring...other than our odd 75 degree weather.

  11. I've never heard of redirected aggression before. That is really bizarre. My cat was really aggressive when we first took him in, but he has gotten very tame over the last few years. I'd hate for him to go through another aggressive phase.

  12. That must have been a scary situation Ida, glad they made up afterwards. Enjoyed your photos and this was a very interesting post. Thanks for sharing all that has been going on with your week.

  13. Love the kitties. Love the ducks. And, that goat, hmmm, I am with you, what's the purpose of the rocks on it's back. Perhaps a child came by and just placed them there.

  14. i want to kiss both of their sweet little heads!

  15. Great post! Spring is teasing us right now, but I know Winter is not through with us.

  16. Harley and Miss Dottie are precious. We had a similar problem with our 18 year old cat Clifford, always picking on our younger cat, Molly. Usually it started with Molly eating Clifford's food. We had to put Cliff to sleep recently though because he had mouth cancer. Your pictures are lovely. I love a scenic walk.

  17. good photos, your two girls are too sweet, looks like neither would ever attack the other, I've never heard of the RFA-and the rocks maybe rock balancing? I've read recently where they've become controversial out in the wild- :-)

  18. surely those 2 sweeties did not do that?! i'm sorry about the cat fight, it does sound scary and i am happy they are friends again...i love that goat and the ducks...i had to laugh at the deer "taking a dump"...honestly, i've not seen that before! and the far side cartoon cracked me up! thank you for linking ida and i hope you are enjoying your weekend!

  19. I have the same problem at times with my cats & it is very scary!
    I loved all your pictures & your strolls through the weekend,phyllis

  20. I love the way you find interesting photo subjects everywhere you go! You have a good eye!

  21. I've been seeing quite a few photo's lately of stacked stones. I would be curious to know more about this.
    Thanks for the link on cat behavior. That helps with some issues we have been having.

  22. Oh, I am so glad your sweet kitties returned to normal. That must have been intense. Our cat goes crazy running about the house every night - but I think that's because he's just nuts. Since his name is Cashew, it fits. :)
    Great shot of the deer!!


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