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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Seasons & Tuesday Treasure - July 13, 2016

 Welcome!  - Today I'm joining Jesh (St. Germain's) and Tom (The Backroads Traveller) for:

SEASONS and TUESDAY'S TREASURES - Click on the links to be taken to either Meme for the other participants entries.

Last year I attended an event here in Walla Walla known as the "Wings of Freedom Tour" - But only posted one photo taken from that event.  As luck would have it the same event was held here again this year.  So today I'm sharing a mix of photos from both last year & this year.

This is a promotional van for the tour.  I thought it was worth showing as well as the planes.

 These WWII planes were here in Walla Walla and you could take "walk-thru" tours of them.  We didn't want to pay the price to actually go inside the planes but were offered a ride in a golf cart to get up closer to them for free so we decided to do that instead.

 B24J-Liberator - (Witchcraft)

Some of the Graphics on the Liberator.
Another view of the Liberator
B17 Flying Fortress - (Nine o Nine)

Graphics on the Flying Fortress

B-25 Mitchell - (Tondelayo)
Graphics on the B-25 Mitchell

P51C Mustang (Betty Jane)
There were some other planes owned by local people on display as well.  This is one of the By-Planes that was on display. 

If you click on the links next to each of the planes you'll be taken to the Collins Foundation for information about each of these restored planes.
I hope you have enjoyed seeing them.


  1. i did enjoy these and hubby would love to have seen them and gone inside them.. he loves old planes.. some of them are so BIG, really big.

  2. Ida, I have alway enjoyed fuselage art from WWII. You saw some great ones.

  3. Absolutely beautiful planes, Ida! I love planes, maybe because I have gone on several and experienced the power of that thing, as well as the exhilaration of being up in the air! Many thanks for sharing these with SEASONS!
    Don't forget, I'm next week on my new blog, of course, you can also click on this week's one, which will take you there as well! Happy rest of the week to you!

  4. Wow these are so cool up close! I love bi planes when they are up in the air but even cooler when you can get so close. I'd have taken that golf cart ride too. Fun!

  5. Hello, great series on the vintage planes. Happy Thursday, enjoy your day!

  6. Amazing planes....lovely shots!
    Thanks for sharing this...
    Happy weekend!

  7. i have seen some of these planes here at the shore, the event was wonderful!!! you got some great pictures of these awesome planes. i can't image there are too many of them still around!!!

  8. My husband would love this!! I love the art on the planes. Did you ever see that movie Memphis Belle? It's all about the pilots who flew these types of planes.

  9. I hope to go to an airshow some day. On occasion, and old plane will fly over here and I always wish I new where they were going so I could follow them!


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