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Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Seasons - Time Flies By Quickly

With everything that has been going on with our computer lately I have been struggling to get blog posts written. 
Today I'm joining Jesh at her new blog for,
Last week was a bit of a blur...Coleen had been away at Camp the week before so we started out the week getting caught up on laundry from her camp experience.  Plus her (step brother and sister) were visting from Idaho so she spent some time doing things with them. 
Then we had company...

My Step-son (Erick and his wife, Elaine) were moving from OR to KY and made a stop at our place for the night last week.  We enjoyed seeing the Grandkids even though the visit was brief.
Not much else has been going's to blasted HOT right now to do much outside.
Even the neighborhood cats are protesting the weather right now! - We don't know who's cat this is but he stops by quite often for food.  We call him, "White Socks."
Coleen spotted this spider near the top of our house the other night so we both went out and took pictures of it.  I like taking photos of spiders but I don't want them crawling on me.
I bought a succulent plant earlier this summer.  It's called a Cobweb Houseleek or a Spider Web Hen and Chick because it looks like it has spiderwebs all over it.
Well one day as I was looking out at the flower beds I happened to notice some pretty pink flowers near where I had planted it so I got curious and went to see what they were....
Turns out this particular succulent has blooms! - What a nice surprise.
So there is a little of what has been happening in my neck of the woods.


  1. love the new succulent flower and the spider is the same for me, i shoot pics from AFAR... the grand kids are adorable and that is quite a long move to make with little ones. what the cat is saying is just what i think of HEAT

  2. Same here...too hot to get outside much...when we DO go out, it's early in the morning or late in the evening....White Sox looks mean....:)

  3. Hello Ida, your Grandkids have such cute and pretty faces. It must have been lovely to meet them.
    White Socks doesn't look very satisfied (with the weather) and the spider looks a little bit scary too. :)
    The pink flowers are indeed very pretty and your photo is magical.

  4. Cute Kitty and Spider!
    Nice photos, Ida.
    Have a Happy Week ahead.
    Peace :)

  5. The picture of White Socks made me laugh. Looks like he's complaining about the Those blooms are so pretty

  6. glad you had some family visit time!

  7. Such sweet visitors! We are just now getting some heat on this side of the 'divide'! Pretty succulent flowers - such a surprise. The spiders are everywhere this time of year! x K

  8. Those are very pretty blooms on your succulent. When it's hot, one's energy is depleted and it seems to take a lot of effort to do very little. Stay cool.


  9. Still plenty of little things are happening at your place! Thank you much for sharing them with SEASONS like White Socks!" And some nice little surprises like the capture of the spider, and the succulent blooms:) See you soon and hope you'll find some relief of the heat!

  10. I love Garden surprises! I get some beautiful lilies through my garden fence thanks to my neighbours garden. Yeah... I like spiders through my zoom lens ONLY! LOL

  11. Nice portrait of your spider~ I like them as long as they stay outside!

  12. This is our windy time of year. Not hot, but ridiculously windy most days. I shouldn't complain, I guess. Those kids are so darling! I'm getting to know our neighborhood cats a little too well since I put the bird feeders out.


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