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Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Wild Bird Wednesday - The Eagle has landed.

Joining in with Stewart (Paying Ready Attention) today for WILD BIRD WEDNESDAY.

On the morning of December 15, 2017 a little before 9:00 am I got a call from my niece, Shelby that there was a Bald Eagle sitting on a telephone pole right by her house. - She often calls me when birds like the Pelicans I've posted about before show up in her neck of the woods.  I like that about her!

Anyway I hopped right in the car, still in my PJ'S and uncombed hair and drove up to her place hoping that the Eagle would still be there.  It's a good 5-10 minute drive from my house to hers. 

When I arrived it was still sitting on top of the pole.  I took several shots of it.  The day was very dreary and overcast so the quality isn't the greatest but I'm still thrilled with what I did capture.

This was the best shot without to much of the power lines in the way.  This bird sat there like this for the longest time.

While waiting around for it to move a bit I snapped a quick picture of the geese in the creek bed.

Suddenly I noticed that the Eagle was getting ready to take off from the pole and I manged this shot right as it lifted off.

Quickly trying to aim and focus I captured this "in-flight" shot which has been cropped to show off the bird better.

I'm happy with these photos and so glad that she called to tell me about the Eagle being there.  - I hope you enjoy them as well.

Have a great day.


  1. Blessings.....
    Great shots.
    the eagle and the pole are one.

  2. Wow, these are good shots! Their takeoff is so fast, but you captured it very well!! Had you ever seen one before? We are birdwatchers, and would have been thrilled to see this. I have never seen a real bald eagle in the wild. I love your header, with the fireworks and party!

  3. Hello Ida!:) What a fantastic sighting of the Bald Eagle, you did well to get these great shots. Nice shots of the geese too, I don't see too many around here, and have never seen a bald eagle.

  4. they are so fast and these are great shots. i don't have a single eagle pic in my hundreds of thousands of photos. now lets talk about the call and the trip in PJS. i have said before i am the queen of what ifs.
    i never go out in a car without clothes on. my what if says what if i back out of the drive and someone hits me, or the car breaks down and i have to stand on the side of the road waiting for help, what if i have a flat tire. i could go on but i think you have it by now. i don't even go out of the house without fixing my hair and face for the same reasons.

  5. You were quick on the shutter there Ida.Nice work.Your niece was on the ball too.

  6. Congratulations on the eagle! That's awesome!

  7. ...I so rarely see eagle here, thanks!

  8. I would have been beside myself with joy at getting these shots...that take off one is fantastic.

  9. I did enjoy them! Great photos Ida. That is not a sight often seen in these parts.

  10. Good work getting the eagle! What wonderful shots!

  11. Hi Ida, incredible shots of the eagle in flight!

  12. WOW Ida . . .
    Great pics of the Bald Eagle . . .
    Look at that wing spread . . . really great “taking off” picture captures . .
    I liked the quick pic of the geese too . . .
    I have never seen a Bald Eagle in person, only pictures.
    I am hoping for a sighting in 2018!

  13. oh how wonderful to have friends who look after you!! and how exciting to see a bald eagle, what a thrill!! your pictures are awesome, they are so hard to capture in flight!!!

    give your niece a candy bar!!!!

  14. These are amazing! I would love to see a bald eagle in the wild! You really got some great shots of it!

  15. Oh my! How thrilling! I've not seen a bald eagle in the wild. I love your lift-off shot and the one in flight. There is suppose to be a nesting site not far from me, but I've never been there.....yet. They are such magnificent birds. Thanks for sharing.

  16. yes, you have to be quick to capture the, You did a great job with the eagle. Good to see canacians in your part of the world also.

  17. What a neat shot of the eagle taking off! I've never seen that at such an angle!

  18. Great photos of a gorgeos bird.
    Really wow...


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