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Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Little Things Thursday - Pumpkin Art

Hello & Welcome. - I thought I would join Tamar (Random-osity) for:


Coleen (my granddaughter) is taking Advanced Art in school this year so as one of her projects she decided to do some sidewalk chalk art.

I didn't get shots of her rough outline before she started but you can see the white chalk marks of the pumpkin outline in this photo.

She continued to color and blend with her fingers and water.
Below is a close-up of how she was blending the chalks.

The finished pumpkin with the wet outline of the shadow.  

 The completed Pumpkin after the shadow had dried.

A close-up of the stem showing the detail of her work.

Sadly she wasn't able to turn this in due to the fact that she was supposed to follow a prompt of (Architecture) but she could turn it in later for credit.
We had rain later in the week...


The pumpkin begins to run and fade.
As of yesterday all that remains is a faint outline of the pumpkin, the shadow and her hand prints from when she laid them on the sidewalk after blending.

I am thankful for having a wonderful granddaughter, I'm thankful that God gave her such a talent and she loves art.
I'm thankful for the rain (we needed it) even though I was sad to see her art work go.
I'm thankful for cameras that we can capture these special memories.


  1. That's very, very pretty and so realistic!

  2. This is really impressive. She's quite the artist.

  3. This is amazing to me! She is so talented, making the pumpkin look so real with shadowing and blending. I would never know how to do such a thing. Too bad about the rain!!

  4. Oh, how sad such a beautiful work of art got washed away by the rain! It really was wonderful! Thank you for sharing!

  5. She is so talented! I'm glad you got some photos before the rain washed her artwork away!

  6. That pumpkin artwork is beautiful! Too bad the rain washed it away.

  7. Her artwork is gorgeous, she is very talented!

  8. Ida,

    Your granddaughter is very talented. Sidewalk art is lovely. I wish I had a nice driveway to try doing this. Ours is too rough and bumpy. The kids used to doodle on the steps leading up to the house. I could try creating some small designs. I guess I'll wait until spring or next summer to give it a shot. Thanks for visiting the other day. I apologize for being so slow to get over here. Have a joyful week or what's left of it. ;)

  9. so glad you have the photos to remember it by, collen is truly gifted, this is amazing. love it

  10. oh em cod this is so cool !!!! Coleen has amazing talent :) ☺☺ glad you got snapshots before mom nature took this away ☺☺

  11. Oh my goodness, that's beautiful. Wow.

    Have a fabulous day. ♥

  12. Coleen is really talented, Ida. I know you must be so proud of her! Her pupkin looked very realistic. I hope she continues to love art and enjoys all her classes this year

  13. Beautiful. Glad you took the photos of each step to keep the moments alive.


  14. I love this! She is very talented. But, if I sat like that on the ground, I'd never be able to get up! 🤣

  15. She is so talented! That pumpkin is great.

  16. Your granddaughter's sidewalk art pumpkin turned out great.

  17. What talent Colleen has! Such a wonderful creative outlet for her, hopefully this will not be her last attempt at sidewalk art! So much to be thankful for, I so agree :) Many blessings to you Ida :)


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