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Saturday, February 27, 2021

Caturday Art - 2 27 21

Caturday Art
 Joining in today for Caturday Art
Took a photo of our cat, Captain Cuddles last week and thought it would look cool with an art effect.  So I went to BeFunky and discovered that they had a new bunch of artsy effects you could try.  I picked out one that I liked and here is my result.  The original photo of Cuddles is first and then my artsy version.
I used the new (Mosaic) effect for my artsy version.

I rather like how it turned out.  He's such a sweet cat.


  1. Captain Cuddles is adorable, I like the edit too :)

  2. Your sweetie is gorgeous and so is your art!!!

  3. Captain Cuddles looks terrific in the photo and even more terrific in the mosaic picture! We love the color shift too! Awesome! Have a marvellously happy day!

  4. Ida - wow, that is a really cool result! I love the colors and the mosaic effect!

  5. The photo of your handsome boy is lovely, and so is the artsy version.

  6. I call these cats Morris Cats, they are my favorite of cats.. he is so beautiufl on that blanket. orange tabby's make my heart feel warm... i had forgotten befunky, good job

  7. I like it! I'll have to some of them on my photos! Have a grand day!

  8. that artwork is super sweet and I love the original too!

  9. Very cute kitty. And beautiful art.

  10. That sure became a pretty art!! Captain Cuddles sure is relaxed with that big kitty guarding him:)


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