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Monday, March 1, 2021

Fun With Peanut Butter

 Howdy! - Today's post is rather "silly" but hey that's half the fun of having a blog is being able to post whatever you want, right?

So I was fixing a peanut butter sandwich one morning and had just opened a new jar.  I pulled the little silver lid off and thought that the little "button" on the lid was cool looking so I got my camera and snapped a photo.

Now some might think it's a bit risque or obscene but I found it to be kinda cute in a weird way.  

Then I looked into the jar and saw this...

Does anyone else see an Elephant standing on a circus stand?  I tried to draw an outline of what I was seeing but I stink at using the drawing feature on the editing program.  - Tell me what you see?

So today I looked inside the jar and thought those ridges and swirls are rather neat looking so here is today's peanut butter shot.

Sort of reminds me of those pictures you see of the rocks in Arizona at Antelope Canyon  The little (7) on the side is from where someone scraped the bottom of the jar and light was shining in.

Finally I give you a Peanut Butter Worm...Which by the way my daughter thought was gross when she first saw it, she actually thought it was a real worm.

I have no clue how this happened but when I scrapped the knife off on the bread this appeared.

I don't think I could ever do that again but it does look as if I have a worm on my sandwich.  

Well that's it for today.  - Hope you have enjoyed my, fun with peanut butter post. 


  1. Fun post lol. I do see the circus elephant and unfortunately I see the worm too, it does look like a real worm - yikes!

  2. Miz Ida, I see the elly-fant! And I also think that peanut butter noms looks very Ariz-ona even though I've never been there. As for that worm... Momma sez she kinda wudda freaked out, but yeah, it looks like a worm. Purrsonally I don't like peanut butter. It always has a pill in it. Very suspicious. Love, Dori PeeEss, thank yoo for visiting my bloggy. Purrs

  3. Peanut butter art, I love it! Eck, this REALLy looks just like a worm!! I DO see the elephant, how cool!!

  4. well i have to say i have never seen any of this in my peanut butter but now i WILL be checking it out. that elephant looks like an artist did it.. i can't unsee it now.. the worm looks like someone made it... amazing. i love peanut butter and just five minutes ago had a spoon of it for afternoon snack.

  5. Yikes, that worm looks way to real to eat!


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