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Thursday, May 23, 2024

Update on Life

 Hello Friends...Just Updating you all on what's going on.

Remodel on house going on.  Took up carpeting.  Installed new flooring.

This is the flooring in the living and dining room now.  Working on kitchen and bathroom now.  Also had a new shower installed in the main bathroom.

There is still a ton of stuff left to do such as painting all the walls, cleaning the kitchen cabinets and painting them etc...hubby has done most of the work except for installing the shower.

It's been noisy, dusty and hectic around here but in the end it will be worth it all.  - I help where I can but a few days I took time away from the house so as not to bug him or go nuts from the noise.

So blogging and stamping have taken a back seat for awhile.
Pictures were taken with my phone so I can't seem to make them larger.


  1. I love the floor!! It is really lovely. Keep us posted with before and after photos.

  2. How exciting. It's always fun to get a fresh new look. I had a walk in shower put in my bathroom and I love it.

  3. Looking good and it will be worth all the mess after it is completed

  4. That will be great fun when your house is remodeled with all the improvements and you can then relax and enjoy it. Nice that your hubby is doing much of the work.


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