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Monday, May 13, 2024

Lilac Tree 2024

Hello and Welcome. - Life is busy but I wanted to drop in and post my annual Lilac tree photos.  This was my mom's tree that she bought many years ago when she first moved in next door to us.  She loved that tree.

This year the blooms were heavy and plentiful and it didn't rain and ruin them right away.


They were extremely fragrant and beautiful. - I hope you've enjoyed seeing them.


  1. i wish i had smell-o-vision. i bet these lilacs are great smelling. i am so sorry to hear of all the loss, wow ... it is a time of growing ... lean in on the Lord even more. finding refuge in him and our faith in the coming future (days, i find it tough at times to keep walking, knowing no matter what i am going through, i can learn and no better for the future or maybe it is a great time, just going with the flow). gotta enjoy those "small moments" where ever we can catch them, in items we love or a gorgeous scenery or such. my petunias are doing well this year ... i always pick a theme. and this year was purple and while ...made me laugh at the other colors that magically popped up ...what? i guess the folks at Lowe's didn't realize what was in the pots. or whomever put them all all together. i have gotten to the point of keep the pots and reusing them every year. like the ones which hang ... i will scoop out all the dead plants and dirt ...and make up new the next year. i wish they would come back but even if they say they are gonna return each year, i find they do not do so??! odd, i think. changing up the home sounds fun, i hope ... not too stressful. glad for the visits. ( ;

  2. It's gorgeous. I have always loved lilacs. We had big beautiful ones when I was growing up. I've tried a few times to plant them but they've never survived. My daughter did give me one for Mother's day and she planted it for me so hopefully I'll have luck this time.

  3. I love Lilacs, especially the smell. Yours is stunning, with such a rich deep color!!!

  4. they are truly amazing, both the flowers and the photos of them. Wow

  5. They are gorgeous...wish I was smelling them. I love their scent.


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