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Sunday, June 16, 2024

Hot Air Balloons - Nite Glow

 Today I'm sharing the final photos that I took of the Hot Air Balloon Stampede 2024. These were taken at the Nite Glow event.  This was my first time attending this event.

When I first got there this was the only balloon that was inflated.

There were only about 8 or 9 balloon there most of which were spread out on the ground waiting to inflate.  Music was playing and people were everywhere.

I felt a bit lost because I hadn't seen anyone that I knew and I was just sort of wandering around taking pictures.

Finally people I of my nieces had spotted me in the crowd and invited me over to where they were.  In this shot her sister (the one with the purple hair was sitting there with her hubby and nephews.

This is my niece and her family. 

Just to prove I was actually there I had her take my photo as well.

I wanted to include this shot because it was the only photo of the POW.MIA balloon that I got this year.

As the evening went on they inflated the balloons and lit them up.

Finally a fun little video I took of something special they did. Be sure to have your volume on.


  1. Thank you for posting since it's one of the things that I miss about Walla Walla!

  2. That video is really cool. How fun to watch that.

  3. I am loving the NIGHT Shots.. reminds me of my blog, black with bright colors.. good idea to have her prove you were there. that happens to me, always taking never in front of the camera

  4. You got great photos of the balloon glow! And how cool that they coordinated it to music! And best of all, I got to see YOU!


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